November 26, 2017

Forward bend posture

Forward bend posture

The Leg Pull

By Mike Angere

A lady I know once said to me, ”I want to do yoga, but how soon do I start to see results?” I simply looked her in the eyes and shot back, “about half the time that it has taken you to acquire your excess baggage.”

Trouble with most people when they take up some fitness regime to correct what they have allowed to go wrong with their bodies, is the expectation of a miracle – instant results. But, fat bodies like fast food will bring problems in their wake. Apart from the seriousness that accompany crash exercises, there is also the problem of anxiety to be dealt with. I think the best attitude with which to get into a fitness routine is resolving to make it’ a way of life.’

The Leg Pull

Dr. George Sheehan advises, “become a life long athlete.” What is meant is constancy and diligence in practice.

This done, everything will come your way, namely, shamefulness, fitness, strength of body and mind, in short, all the good things that a healthy body has to offer.

A certain amount of curiosity and a self-help mentality are also very necessary qualities to inculcate into the personality make-up.

Read up on good eating and other healthy living habits and seek to make them a part of your life. It is not good to do all the wrong things, then one day look at yourself in the mirror and say: I don’t like what I see, I want a bit off here, a bit off there, oh, my God, a bit off everywhere, really?

The fact that you are reading this means you want a change for yourself. A change for a healthier, more responsive body.

Having made the decision, resolve to have the tenacity of purpose. It will be your greatest asset in your bid to improve on your body. With it, your ‘dream’ body will become your ‘real’ body.

The following are some yoga exercises to help you reduce weight, firm thighs and the buttocks. A must for ladies with the problem of cellulite.

The Leg Pull, jausirasana in sanskait, is done this way. ‘Sit with legs stretched out before. Now place the sole of the left foot against the upper inside of the right thigh. Raise both arms overhead. Lean backward as far as possible and coming forward grab hold of whatever part of the right leg you can with both hands. Be careful not to over strain.

‘Bend your elbows and pull the trunk slowly downward and at the same time turn the right shoulder downward and the left shoulder upward. Breath slowly and deeply.

‘After a comfortable while, release hold and gently straighten up. Perform similar movements with the left leg. Go over from right to left legs three times in all.’

Apart, from the ‘self-massaging’ effect of this posture to deal with cellulite and tension, fatigue are also relieved throughout the legs.

The Locust, the next exercise effectively deals with excess weight, firms, streamlines and develops the buttocks, hips, thighs and legs.

To perform the Locus, lie face down with the chin on the floor and place the fists on the floor beside the thighs. Breathe in deeply, regaining the breadth, push legs as high as you can. Remain a while like this, then bring down both legs and exhale.

Take a short rest and repeat. If it is too difficult raising both legs in one go, take the described position, but raise one leg for a while, lower it, and then repeat with the other leg.