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What I will do if my guy denies me sex — Evia Simon

By Ayo Onikoyi

Seductive Nollywood actress, Evia Simon, is so adorable and desirable that it is unthinkable that any man in his right senses would want to deny her sex. Speaking with Potpourri in a one-on-one session, the bootilicious actress reveals what she would do if her man denies her sex continuously when she wants it.

Evia Simon

“I don’t think my partner can deny me sex,” she says with a knowing smile and confidence of a woman who prides herself on looking like a meal too good to ignore.

“Even if such happens, then there must be a valid reason for such an action. First, I will have to find out why he’s denying me sex and if the reason is genuine, then so be it. I will understand and let him be. But in a situation whereby he keeps denying me sex without a genuine reason over and over again, then it calls for serious questioning.

He must explain himself. And trust me, by his actions he is also pushing me to go out and have sex with another guy, if the situation lingers for six months or more. Don’t get me wrong: that your spouse/partner denies you sex doesn’t  mean you should go and have sex with another man,” she added.

Evia Simon recently joined the league of movie producers with the production of her own first movie “Unbreak”, featuring the likes of Ruth Kadiri, Frederick Leonard, Mercy Aminu and others.


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