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Trump vs Kim Jong-Un: Is mass destruction inevitable? (2)

By Afe Babalola

Last week I started a discussion of the current impasse between the United States of America and North Korea brought about by the latter’s continued nuclear weapons program in the course of which it has fired several test missiles while the world watches on with trepidation. Before continuing my discussion I wish to reproduce a contribution I received from a reader, O.J Enitame, which in my view introduces a new and interesting dimension to the issue.

“I read Part 1 of the above; Vanguard, 27.9.17, page 40. I do not have money to buy newspapers, I read it at the newsstand. I do read your piece; only if I come across it and also find the heading worth my while as this one. I do not know if I will see the Part 2. You ended Part 1 with World War I and its physical causes. And because we are not examining the  spiritual reasons, the coming thermo-nuclear war (not just nuclear) will still catch many people unprepared. It is another way of saying that mankind has no solutions to the challenges it caused. One would have told you what caused the World War II from the Scriptures but leave it since you have not even dealt with it.

Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump
  1. Is Mass Destruction Avoidable? – It must come. If you succeed to  push or talk Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un out of it, it    will still come.  So, why postpone it; Rev.11:18?  Getting too fast.
  2. The United Nations (UN) – You wrote: “However, there is a widespread  belief that the United Nations has failed in its mandate”. One should add: it will continue to fall flat.  Why?  You do not give what you do not have. The UN has no peace.   Enough except to say that in spite of the UN, it is not just a thermo-nuclear (World War III), close now, but also a worldwide religious war is a   little further down.
  3. The Nuclear War vs God – Some people cannot see the CAUSE of it;  (10.a) below.  YAHWEH is the Creator of the universe. But some people think it is God; two different persons.  The English Language’s God, from Canaanite El (plural: Elohim, Gods), is Satan herself.  Does this annoy you?   But why do people think the Heavenly Father would hear the millions of prayer being said when His Glory (Heb. kabod; kabad) is being given to another; Isa.59:1-2?   What (like Will; Mt.6:10) is kabad (kabod; Greek: doza)) that the Creator will not share with any-one?   Answer: His Plan, Name and the 613 Laws.  The Name and the Laws go together; Psa.138:1; Isa.26:1-9; Ephe.2:14-16; 1 Jn.2:3.   See, ignorant man. The lizards and rats (they live within Instructionsgiven to them at creation) are better than man.     Harsh? Wait.
  4. Peace (Heb. shalom) – Somebody created it; Isa.57:19.   He gave 613  Moral Laws along with it so that mankind can enjoy peace; Psa.119: 165; Pro.3:1-2.   We threw the Laws away but still think we can cage peace.   See man’s ignorance covered by a Law and why it will not be forgiven; Positive (Pos). Law No. 228; Lev.4:13, 5:17; Num.15:30; Acts.17:30; Rom.2:13, 3:23; Rev.2:3?   Again, why?   He gave you a cure; 1 Pet.2:15.   Face peace.It was created before Adam was put on earth; 4004 Before Yahshua (B.Y.).   Man has no higher status than peace.   He was asked, merely, to use it and not to manipulate peace which is  what the UN is doing.   Peace is a promise; Lev.26:3, 6; Psa.37:37, 29:11, 147:11-14.   You do not preach peace.   It is taught; Det.6:7.   When you now make sensible decision(s) from the teaching and act on it, you have it.   We made peace (Yahweh allowed it) to depart from the earth; Rev.6:4; Mic. 7:13.
  5. Commencement of Nuclear War – While you are asking if it will come  or not (or whether it is necessary; the serial has not ended), it started 12th September, 2006.   It is its engulfing the whole earth that remains.   Two actions, according to Prophecy,       were expected to take place on that date.   One occurred; Yahweh held the other one down.  The Prophecies contain a Plan, a    Timetable and history of world events.   Believers were asked to use the Prophecies as a guide to keep watch; Mt.24:42, 25:13;    Mk.13:32-37, 14:38; Rev.16:15; etc. Mankind, again, threw them away and produced a label “Old” Testament; Isa.8:20.Israyl   carried out a bomb strike on a Syrian nuclear plant.The USA was supposed to hit Iran at the same time.   Instruction was given to       a US Air Force General.  One is out of my base currently; one would have given you his name.   It was Yahweh, in action, Who    made that General not to carry out the raid on Iran.   It he did (like a 9-month pregnancy of a woman, the 12th September 2006), World (nuclear) War III would have escalated by June/July 2007.   Why did Prophecy say Yahweh would withhold it? Two  reasons.   One, if it had taken place then, all mankind would have perished to thwart His Own Plan to use human beings on earth;    (10.a) below.Two, His remnants on earth were not complete, then, and the surviving one of the 2 end time (Heb. acharitak)                      Witnesses had not put certain structures in place.  Yes, the nuclear war was held back; Rev.7:3.
  6. Mis-education of Mankind Leading to Self-destruction – I bring this  one in here for two reasons.  First, you are into  education.  It is mis-education, I do not know if your Part 2 will address it, is the real cause of the coming war.   How?Yahweh has a Law on the raising of children.  He said the basic education of every child should begin there – the 613 Laws.   It is         Pos. Law No. 11; Det.6:7; Exo.128:20; Psa.78:5-7; Mal.2:7; Mt.13:34-35; Rom.2: 21; 1 Cor.15:34; Ephe.6:4. Why?  Man’s learning and keeping the Laws would have produced 12 characters (which cannot be created) that Yahweh said everychild should possess; Exo.28:17-20; Rev.21:18-20.   If we had done so, there would have been no confused brains and minds tostart developing nuclear bomb in 1934.   In rejecting the Laws, what did we do?Man’s basic education, today, is copied from the descendants of Ham.  The Greeks and the Romans built on Cush & Company’s faulty educational schools; Acts.19:9; Gen.10:8-10.It may not make sense to many people but after the nuclear war, it will make enormous sense and let them wait, another must, for a world-wide religious war.
  7. Prophesised Nuclear War for the Last Generation; Gen.28:22-24;  Isa.24:18-20, 23, 28:22; Jer.25:31-33; Eze.14:13; Dan.7:11;Hos.4:3; Yahyl (Joel).2:2-3, 10; Hab.2:1; Nah.1:3-5;Zecha.14:12; Mal.4:1; Mt.24: 7; 1 Thes.5:3; 2 Thes.1:8; Rev.6:8, 9:14, 18:8-9  –   A generation is 70 years; Psa.90:10.   We have entered it.   One can give you Hebrew specifics on those quotations but ignore    to save space.   Are you still surprised why Trump and Jong-Un are moody; Rev.11:18?Do you want one to add that it is the fallout of the nuclear war (dust; etc) that will block or bring disorderly rains to affect mankind, plants and animals   (famine,       hunger) and also block the rays of the Sun for six months; Isa.24:23; Mt.24:29; Rev.6:13; etc?   It is allowed; Isa.13:11; etc.
  8. Casualties – The River Euphrates area (Rev.9:14), in Prophecy, in  Hebrew usage, includes not just Middle East, Europe and USA but also Russia and China.  Let mankind not believe or accept that one-third of human beings will die in those areas; Rev.9:18.  But you and I are not safe.   How?   The diseases and sickness nuclear dust will put in the air, over a range of 20 years,will bring more casualties.   Alarming?   No; we have some 8 billion people today on earth.   Six billion will be inside the grave at thepoint Yahweh and Yahshua interfere in the affairs of man because we refused to do the needful.
  9. Conclusions:

(a) The thermo-nuclear war is not a punishment from Yahweh; otherwise He will not intervene; Mt.24:22.   It (influenced by Satanand  her demons to subvert Yahweh’s Plan) is a direct result of worldwide sin.Even after the war, mankind will not repent (to quit sinning; 1 Jn.3:4); Rev.9:20-21.   Yahshua Messiah, not Jesus or Isah;  etc, did not call people fools in vain; Lk.24:25.They want to go to  Heaven after defiling and destroying the earth!They have their  berth at the 100-year 2nd resurrection torepeat salvation race with  the same measurement standards (Heb. ephah) they rejected  today.

(b) It will take 1,000 years to cleanse the nuclear fallout.   It is why you  have the millennial reign to bring back the earth to itsoriginal state  that will make eternal life possible on earth.   Current earth?It has maximum 36 years to go from 2017.   You want a break down?   A day is one year for man; Eze.4:6.   For Him, a day is 1,000 years; 2 Pet.3:8.   Seven days?Genesis1:4-13 and setting time (Heb. ot); 6 days (6,000 years) plus the millennial reign equal 7,000 years.  Isayah told you that the 2nd resurrection is 100 years; Isa.65:20.   We had 4,000 years before the Messiah’s 1st Coming. We spent, since then, 2,000 years up to 2004 and now on overtime.   Eternity?1,136 years from this year.   Let some people laugh to scorn and go to sleep.

(c) We are addressing, add the UN, symptoms and effects of man’s  problems.  Not the root causes.   Until then?   No peace; nounity.If one has not answered you, when, how and why a thermo-nuclear comes, surely, a true believer should pray for it, one will only be too   pleased to make clarification(s) if you reach back.  May Yahweh bless your drives and strives (they are fine) and also give you the understanding of the Holy Scriptures; Lk.24:45.   In Yahshua’s Name, Hallelu Yahweh.


Next week I will continue with the failings which led to the second world war including the failure of the super powers to learn from the effects of World War One.


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