October 14, 2017

Group caution Kogi govt on Austi Okai

Group caution Kogi govt on Austi Okai

Okai Austin

A political group of the People Democratic Party known as Door to door for PDP warned the Kogi State government to stop the intimidation of one of its members, Austin Okai.

The group in a statement on Saturday said that it will defend Austin Okai no mater what.

The statemet read thus
”The leadership and members of the Door to Door for PDP have observed with keen concern the activities of Comrade Usman Austin Okai of Kogi State origin who is our member and the threat and series of intimidation and or frustration attempts handed him by the Kogi state government and her hirelings . We have long exhausted our patience in this regard and wish to openly express our dissatisfaction and total condemnation of unfolding events against our comrade.

”It may or not, interest Kogi State Government and her ‘Heroldaic’ boss to know that, Door to Door as an Organization, will as one of its founding objectives, undertake to protect the rights and integrity of her members against all forms of intimidation and molestation. The Usman Austin Okai scenario is one out of many we have shown our commitment to unity and determination in the face of political oppression.

”At Door to Door for PDP, we have considered the activities of Mr. Okai to be in accordance with constitutional provisions that guarantee the right to his freedom of expression. A thing that is one of the basic tenets of a democratic state to be embraced by all states of the Federation with Kogi State as no exception.

”Our Comrade of national repute Mr. Okai has recently become a subject of state intimidation using security apparatus in the form of police invitations, confinement and warnings. This has equally extended into open threats from people; known and unknown through text messages, open confrontations and messages on the social media.

”These prolonged threats and intimidation have failed to die down and have rather escalated greatly lately which has inspired reasonable inferences within not just the Door to Door for PDP Organization but the entire PDP family that, his life is at great risk, hence the need for total defiance of this undemocratic show of endless shame taken too far.

”Armed with the consciousness of operating within the law, we have exhausted peaceable appeals toward this subject matter having earlier cautioned the Kogi State Government on intimidating Mr. Okai and would, if need be, proceed with our legal machinery to seek appropriate redress with evidences at our disposal.

Mr. Okai’s affiliation to the PDP and to Door to Door for PDP is in his pursuit of political affiliation guaranteed him by the founding document of the nation, the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and that nothing on earth to our knowledge, is enough to drag him away from this ideology, only his consciences alone.

”Finally, while we urge the Kogi State Government to proffer dividends of democracy to its citizens as the governance news emanating from that state is short of expectations, we encourage the government to express tolerance and and embrace healthy criticisms that is best for the development of the state and the nation at large. We are also ever ready to stand in defence of Our erudite Comrade come rain or shine. ”