Dear Bunmi,

I have a smashing figure – tight stomach, nice bum (especially in thongs!), big boobs but one breast is slightly bigger than the other.

I’m sure everyone can notice this. As a result, I don’t often leave the light on when I make love, in case my partner laughs. Can this problem be fixed?

Jane, by e-mail.


Dear Jane,

I don’t think your problem is with your boobs – it’s the way you feel about them. I’m sure you’re the only one who notices this difference – most people are too busy admiring your lovely figure to notice that your boobs don’t match.

Boobs aren’t exactly the same size as your friends must have told you. If you think yours is an imbalance, it shouldn’t be the serious problem you’re making it.

Try to change the way you think about your boobs. Concentrate on the good things about your body, rather than the tiny flaws.


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