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S3x not food to me, just exercise – — Mosunmola Adeleye

Beautiful mother of one,  Nollywood actress and producer, Mosunmola Adeleye, left her government job as a civil servant to take on the make-believe world of entertainment. Between then in 2006 and now she has produced more than six films of her own, married a man she dated for more than twelve years even as her career is looking to be on the up and up. Read her:


You studied accounting, why acting?

I switched to acting because my former job wasn’t fetching me enough money. Then, I was working as an accounting officer  with the Ministry of Finance in Ogun State. At that time it was the former governor, Otunba Gbenga Daniel, that was in power. I found out that I only went to work three days out of the five working days because I had to be on location. When I noticed my job wasn’t allowing me to focus on my acting I decided to quit. It was an easy decision because I was making more money from acting than what the government job was paying me.

Mosunmola Adeleye

How did your husband react to that?

I knew my husband for more than twelve years before we got married. It was a decision he allowed me to make on my own and he has never discouraged me, instead he has been of immense help. He is my number one fan. Though when I had my son I had to suspend acting for two years to take time out to care for him. But I am fully back now.

And he doesn’t complain when you take up some extraordinary roles?

My hubby is a matured man. He’s not a jealous type. Presently, he’s the producer of the movie I am working on. Besides, he’s based in the US and only comes home twice a year for three weeks. In those three weeks  I make myself absolutely available for him. This is an arrangement I am used to, even back when we were courting. Remember I said we courted for twelve years. I have known him since I was in school.

But some actors say acting doesn’t provide enough money for them to live on…

(Cuts in) Well, I don’t know about other people but for me it has been encouraging. However, it is more rewarding when you produce your own movies. That’s one of the reasons you see many actors going into production, to make more money and to promote themselves better. It is always more lucrative to produce than featuring in other people’s films. So far I have produced over five films, namely; Alanu Kan Soso, Afori Forun, Kemi Afoju, Otelemuye, Opon Ti sun and others. I have also featured in films like Tanimola, Ibinu, and many others.

Which drama group do you belong to, because as a Yoruba actor you must belong to a group or caucus to be recognised?

I belong to the Owolabi Films Production in Abeokuta, Ogun State but my direct boss is Rasaq Oyadiran of Itu Baruka Film Production. I was an apprentice before but I am free now. Because of the group I belong to,I am known as Mosun Baruka.

Is this caucus or group thing healthy for the growth of the industry?

I will say yes. At least they are promoting people like me. It is not compulsory that you belong to a group or a caucus, it is a matter of choice. I know from experience that it helps us to grow faster in the industry. If a member of your group is producing a film, you are most likely to be invited to partake in the production. If you belong to a group you can be called upon at any time for a role. Say for instance, you are 30 in your group and there are 20 producers, it means you have access to feature in those producers’ movies. If you don’t belong in a group your chances of being given a role is minimal. This is the reason we don’t see some faces quite often as others.

What disturbs you most as a producer?

Piracy of course. In my first production I didn’t make up to 20% of the cost of my production. It was a complete loss as a result of piracy. My second production too wasn’t much of a success as I only made about 60% of my money invested in the production. My third film was a different story because of the involvement of my boss, Owolabi Ajasa, who introduced me to a marketer, the High-waves Video Mart. I was paid in full twice the cost of my production.

Is it only members of your caucus you work with?

No. I have worked with Taiwo Hassan, Damola Olatunji and many others who are not members of my group. I have worked with the likes of Odunlade Adekola, Mercy Aigbe Gentry, Bolaji Amusan (Mr Latin), Bose Aregbesola, and many oothers

Is there a movie role you don’t see yourself taking up?

You know I am a married woman, I have exempted myself from some certain roles. Obviously, I can’t take up roles that involve having sex, real or make-believe, exposing my body, or acting a role of a prostitute. It doesn’t speak well of me because I  am a married woman. It doesn’t matter to me the amount of money involved. My hubby won’t be pleased and whatever doesn’t please him I don’t do it. He respects me a lot and I don’t want to lose that respect.

What is sex to you?

Sex is not food to me, but I can say it’s an exercise because in the process you’ll need to do some styles and exercise so as to satisfy your man to the fullest, to prevent him from looking elsewhere for such satisfaction.

Why do you think people shy away from talking about sex?

Since we are all matured I don’t see any reason we should shy away from the topic. We can even educate each other and extend it to the teenagers, so that they’ll have the right notion about sex. Take for instance, my soon to be released film is going to educate people on healthy sex in marriage and child spacing.

What is your own definition of sexual satisfaction?

Well, I’m satisfied when I ‘come’, anything after that is just a waste of energy. This is because the tension with which you started with will drop the moment the man or woman ‘comes’.

What part of the house do you enjoy sex the most?

(Laughs) Anywhere will do for me, as long as we are alone and there will be no  distraction. Our honeymoon was fun, we did a lot of crazy things together and we really enjoyed it.

What time of the day do you prefer having sex?

(Smiles) I prefer very early in the morning; between midnight and daybreak, so that I can relax afterward, shower when I wake up and then start another one.



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