September 6, 2017

Managing your emotions (7)



“Faith is the one power against which fear cannot stand. Day by day, as you fill your mind with faith, there will ultimately be no room left for fear. This is the one great fact that no one should forget. Master faith and you will automatically master fear.”


When fear creeps in; action cripples it. Life cannot be lived to the fullest when fear is prevalent. Fear is common to all; fear is at the root of all negative emotions. Fear imprisons potentials; fear immobilizes actions; fear has a tormenting influence on the mind and body and could lead to early death. Fear is a feeling of dread; terror; weakness that renders one ineffective to face life. According to Don Colbert, M.D, “fear has been associated with a wide variety of disease such as colitis, crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome and ulcers; headaches, and skin disorders such as psoriasis; eczema and stress acne. Fear can cause a decreased immune response, which may lead to frequent infections or the development of deadly disease”. Fear could be defined as: F-false, E-evidence, A-appearing, R-real. How true! Most of our fears are mere shadows rather than reality. However, if we constantly hold onto the fear long enough then they will limit us and manifest as reality in our lives. Job reveals, “For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me”.

Ralph Waldo Emerson counsels, “Do the thing you are afraid to do, and the death of fear is certain.” Identify the fear that holds you back from living your dreams and move towards it; do the things you fear or dread and fear will lose its power over you. When the feeling of fear rushes in; rush out and live your dreams and you won’t have time to live your fears.

To master your fears you must master your internal dialogue. When the feeling of fear sets in you must speak out faith-filled; bold; courageous and positive-filled words. And your words charged with faith will discharge the feelings and thoughts of fear as you move into a space of action.

Fear exist in our minds and can only be conquered in the mind. And if it is not conquered in the mind, it will create the condition of our lives. Employ the use of your imagination. Mentally picture or visualize the successful outcome of the event that had triggered the fear of failure. Visualize yourself experiencing a winning outcome and you will materialize it. Past experiences erect fear and erases success by how far we can go in life. Rather than hold onto fears founded on past experiences we need to learn from it and let go of it so that we can grow through it and go into the future and meet it with adventure and re-invent our lives. When you cash into faith fear crashes. Fear is a product of distorted imagination that has been allowed to run wild.

Fear focuses attention on what you dread to happen. Faith focuses attention on what you desire to happen. Therefore, get caught up in your desire of what you want to experience and you won’t be cut off from living your dreams through fear. When you stand up to your fears, it will bow down to you. When you stare your fears in the face they will stay clear of you. When you look at your fears straight in the eye you stab them out of your life.

Cast off the emotions of fear from its onset; never accept it mentally lest you become cut off by its onslaught. Perfect love cast out all fear and faith is the antidote for fear. Therefore, be mentally grounded in love and faith, and fear will have no root in your mind.

We were born with only two kinds of fears: the fear of falling and the fear of noise. All other fears have been learnt. Therefore, you can unlearn them and relearn how to live confidently by faith. Rationalize your fears before you emotionalize your fears; scrutinize the fear in the light of reason; if it is out of reason-get rid of them. If it is within reason; confront it with faith-move courageously into a space of action. Many of the fears that traps us down are irrational fears-drop them.

Joseph Murphy counsels, “If you are afraid of failure, give attention to success. If you are afraid of sickness, dwell on your perfect health. If you are afraid of an accident, dwell on the guidance and protection of God. If you are afraid of death, dwell on Eternal life. God is life, and that is your life now.”


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