September 24, 2017

Made-in-Belgium gospel artiste set with debut

Made-in-Belgium gospel artiste set with debut

Gloria Nwanebo

A BELGIUM-based 19-year old Nigerian budding gospel artiste, Gloria Ngozi Nwa-nebo, has perfected plans to rock the airwaves this Yuletide with her single  and become the latest talent to grace the gospel music scene, reports Sam Eyoboka.

Produced by the rave of the moment, Steve Crown, the 200 level Missiological (the study of Christian missions and their methods and purposes) student in an American International Theological University in Belgium is working hard with Steve Crown’s Lake-light Entertainment to stamp her authority in the Nigerian scene.

Gloria Nwanebo

Inspired by Sinach and some foreign musicians, Gloria who was born in English to a Nigerian pastor in charge of the Redeemed Christian Church of God in Western Europe relocated to Belgium is combining several musical influences with modern sounds.

“I am a very calm person not given to any particular genre of music but it’s purely gospel. I am very quiet, not a very loud person, but definitely I am a very ambitious person. I am not extra exciting but I love travelling and making new friends,” she revealed.

Gloria hopes to go into ministry but not necessarily as a “pastor but more into building churches and different things to honour God in the area He has called me into.”

She believes that music is a kind of mission, “when you minister to people in different parts of the world it’s a form of mission. Mission essentially involves travelling to minister the word of God to people and in like manner, when you travel to places to minister to people in songs, its assumed that you are on a mission.

“That basically is the link with mission. I have been singing for a very long time but it didn’t occur to me that I would be working on an album until recently. I have been writing songs and have just been keeping them.

“I am working with Steve Crown. He came to Belgium for a concert; he and my dad had a good relationship; and that was how we struck a deal to do a song. His younger brother, Sandy is my producer under his label, Lakelight Productions. According to her, work on the single had been completed and they have mastered it “but we are just trying to put some finishing touches to it.

Asked who her role models are, she replied: “I love Sinach and what she sings and the grace she carries.”

After graduation, the student-missionary plans to pursue a career in music and follow her ministry, working with different churches and, of course, establish a non-governmental organization aimed at empowering young people because “I want them to stand up to carve a niche for themselves instead of waiting for white collar jobs that are not there.

“Most of the young people who are talented are left without a platform to express themselves. We really have not done much of empowerment for the young people, especially Christian youths. I plan to work with people of like minds and encourage young Christians to go into politics and help develop this country for the generations

yet to come,” she said.