By Chris Onuoha

AS the new academic session gets by, educators say parents must establish some well-defined academic goals and hold their children accountable. This however, shows that both parents and schools inclusive have a lot to do to direct and guide children to make good use of their time while in school.

Ike Onyechere MFR., the founding Chairman, Exam Ethics Marshall International, a body that is concerned with best practice in education and exams in his views said;

“The most important thing is that parent should not allow this current economic hardship to affect their level of supervision in schools. Adequate concentration is important to allow students to do well in their studies and refrain from exam cheating in schools. As they go back to school, children need more supervision and parents should know what is going on in their school.

Many things however, are the causes of these challenges. Every organization including schools are now having the same economic situation. Some schools especially those in private sector may not have the kind of resources they use to have before, including engaging quality teachers that are teaching the children. These may, but should not affect children in their studies.

Another thing parents should watch out for are those distracting gadgets that do not allow the kids to concentrate on their studies, be it at home or in school, such as TV, computer and mobile phones.

These gadgets will just remove them from the teaching ambits of parents because the mobile phones and computers have all the social media platforms that are very distracting. Although, there’s much to learn from it but parents should as well guide them not to abuse it.

Most  schools like I know, do not allow students to use phones. To start with, it is very distracting but that is the minor aspect of it because the other thing is that you may not know what they are learning or picking from it. There’s this new platform called ‘Smartphone Zone V’ which is trending all over the world now. People are getting addicted to this gadget. They cannot do anything without looking at their phone and that alone is very addictive and distracting which cut across both parents and children.

More so, lack of basic infrastructural facilities in some public schools may cause children not concentrate on their studies and most importantly, is the issue of teachers’ welfares.

There are instances where teachers are owed some months. This alone will not allow them to concentrate in teaching the children in as they should. A teacher that has not been paid for so long will not be happy to teach well. This kind of situation in the society calls for parents to also know what is exactly going on in the place where their children go to study.

You know in this situation, the more the hardship, the more parents lose touch of quality engagement with their children. They will be committed to their work and abandoned the children to be own their own. Parents have to be more engaged to know more what the children are doing in schools. The little chance they have should be meaningfully engaged.”

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