By Josephine Agbonkhese

STUDIES have shown that being involved in extracurricular activities reduces the likelihood of dropping out of school, likelihood of committing a criminal offenses, and leads to higher educational retainment and success in school work, revealed Mrs Yinka Ogunde,   Founder, Edumark FirstConsult.

Some extracurricular activities available in schools currently include sports, fan clubs, English & Literary Society, Book Club, Entrepreneurship, Music Club, Debating Society, Choir, Drug Free & Anti Aids Club, Rotaract Club, Arts, etc. For Adebayo Ogunleye, an educationist, too much school work is not healthy for child development.

“While education is a priority for many parents seeking to secure the future of their children, it should be balanced with leisure activities. Today, you see children not being given as much time to engage in extracurricular activities as before. You see many children doing more school work even after school. Parents are not the only ones guilty; many schools also do not make available enough time and space for children to engage in physical activities.

“While intellectual development is good though, it should also go hand in hand with physical activities like sports, games and playing with other children. This will help ensure students are meeting their physical developmental needs and cultivating other critical life skills.

“For instance, physical activity in children improves their strength, endurance and health.

“It also helps to build healthy bones, muscles and helps to control weight. Engaging a child in extra-curricular activities also helps to promote social development. It encourages the child to work together and share ideas with other children and this helps in emotional development as well,” he said.

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