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Restoration of morality and backbone (2)

By Denrele Animasaun

If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality. Desmond Tutu

I have no intention to keep stating the obvious and I am not preaching to the converted either.  We have a continuous discussion about greed. Greed is rampant and also hatred has become the byword to divide the nation into have and have nots. They are far too many have nots and in a country of stoic and resilient people, Nigerians have been pushed to the wall of suffering and there is no other room to manoeuvre.  There is a limit to how far people can go and it has reached critical level.

Nigerians have a way of avoiding real issues; it has become the only way of coping with a difficult day to day living. The impact of the prolong mismanagement of the economy and poor establishment affects the health of the nation.

Poverty and discontent has become so dire, majority of Nigerians are losing hope because of the level of poverty in the midst of stupendous and offensive wealth. How much wealth does one person need for one lifetime and does one then take the remaining wealth to the thereafter? Surely, it is not possible what happened to yesteryears, richest people? The richest people in the graveyard have no privilege in death.

What was their legacy and how are they remembered? So where does this insatiable need to accumulate such insane and ridiculous amount of wealth come from?  How much wealth is too much? Does such wealth buy happiness, peace and good health? Do not get me wrong, hard and honest earned money is one thing but does stupendous wealth bring peace of mind and contentment?  Let’s be clear here, money can buy certain opportunities and prestige and gives one a better standard of living.  Those that chose to blatantly loot the country’s commonwealth, have the audacity to flaunt their ill-gotten wealth, buy ostentous gaudy latest jet, build tasteless edifice and seek titles to validate their new found wealth so that their sycophants can hero-worship and praise them.

They hope that they can rewrite history with their lies, produce grand amnesia so that everyone believes: that they have always been rich and came to such wealth by honest means. Who is fooling who? These poli-looters are merely thieves in fine clothing and it is high time that they are treated similarly so: a thief is a thief regards. How can a convicted thief, served time in prison and then return home as a hero? Only in Nigeria. If we continue to hero-worship dishonest people and put them on pedestal, then we deserve a nation that is morally bankrupt.

These poli-looters do not have conscience or integrity so why should they be given a pass to continue to loot and pillage? They are the people who bleed the country dry surely, they do not have the best interest of the nation and they cannot be allowed to enjoy the proceeds of their crime.

If they do the crime, they should do the time. This is unacceptable and unpatriotic for people in high office to get into post with the sole purpose of looting Nigerian’s commonwealth. And those who think it is only right to steal then, they are part of the problem of what is wrong with Nigeria today.

I grew up with the belief of working for an honest day pay and living according to one’s means. We were told that if you work hard then you will reap the reward. And those that didn’t, never got far in life. Currently, or so  it seems that hard and honest day’s work does not pay, in fact, you are more likely to be impoverished and denied regular pay.

Apparently, this does not cut the grade in our present society; we want to impress people, with the wealth we did not work for; to be applauded by people who do not know us but there is a need for mass instant adulations and misplaced respect with falsehood and superficiality of ill-gotten wealth. We have created a nation devoid of honesty and integrity. Such pomposity, audacity and callousness of these thieves in fine clothing, sadly has become the norm rather than the exception in Nigeria. It is high time we change the narrative.  Nigerians should have a better quality of life and it can happen if there is a strong deterrent on siphoning the nation’s wealth and denying all its citizens a better and secure life.   Today in Nigeria, it seems everyone wants to be rich quickly or die hard trying.

Mrs Madueke and her likes have singularly siphoned enough to last a million life times. The eye-watering and incredulous grand theft is way beyond anything imaginable in living memory…so far. This goes beyond the pale; it is spectacularly disgraceful. This is not an isolated case but, sadly, it has become commonplace and a representation of who we have become as people and as a nation. I mean, this ill-gotten wealth is far more than Bill Gates’ and yet, he is giving his wealth away and putting it to good use. What are wealthy Nigerians doing with their wealth? Of course, they love living large and letting everyone know that they have arrived.

They hide their ill-gotten money them in storage rooms, bury them in the ground, put them in foreign banks and buy and build tasteless, gaudy edifice, then invite their sycophants to ogle and worship their stolen wealth. How wretchedly poor are some people that all they have is money but no conscience.

Seriously, where on earth do you hide such loot and where do they think they can hide such sums of wealth and for how long? In the era of digital life, the truth will always come  out.  It is bound to show up sometime and now the secret is out: We now know what EFCC has turned over.

Mrs Alison-Madueke’s many mansions and unearthed numerous boxes of silver and diamond jewellery that is valued at millions and millions of pounds, not Naira, but pounds. The portfolio of properties is estimated around N47.2 Billion and with it a conservative $487.5 Million in cash.

Let that sink in, Millions of pounds. For those apologists, there is no amount of explaining or gas lighting that could dig this woman out of the hole she dug for herself. She has truly been found out with her hands in the cookie jar. And she continues to protest her innocence, this lady is as pure as the driven slush, she is riddled with dishonesty and subterfuge.

This is the very same woman who went to great lengths pretended to have terminal cancer to elicit sympathy from the gullible and the co-conspirators, it has all being a ruse, an elaborate hoax to avoid facing questions on missing billions of dollars of oil proceeds.


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