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August 5, 2017

Omotola unveils more of alluring ‘Alter Ego’ in magazine pose




After laying off the big screen for more than three years, Nollywood’s leading lady and mother of four returned in a romantic thriller film ‘Alter Ego’ which has been making tour of cinemas. Those who have seen the movie are still gushing over Omotola’s acting dexterity, particularly her killer instinct in pulling off a dual role of double characters.

While the sensual-studious Omotola is still making her tour of cinemas, her ‘Alter Ego’, this time, as an erotic Monalisa lays another crushing blow on her already bedazzled fans. It is a cover photo she did for Glam Africa magazine.

The moment the photos are realised the internet went into a dance and even the actress management could not suppress their excitement even though they saw it as their way of welcoming the The real Omosexy fans to the new month of August.

“We have been itching to share these gorgeous images of @realomosexy with you. Thanks to our amazing team for nailing the this shoot,” they mused.

If you have been wondering what the top act actress have been up to in the three years she was off the screen, her interview with Broadway TV explains it all.

“I do other things than acting. I am into estate and l also do other works I don’t want to talk about in the public. I actually make more money from these other businesses than acting. When I started, acting was instrumental to me financial, because I was coming from a place of nothingness. So, going out of the industry for three years, I wouldn’t say, affected me financially,” she says.