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Get set for a new beginning

By Funmi Komolafe

It’s another new month; August.  It is the eight-month which symbolizes a new beginning.

You may ask, a new beginning of what?  The answer is simple.  A new beginning of every good thing you desire for yourself.

A new beginning of more commitment to live a   according to the word of God.

A new beginning of joy and rest from all challenges of life.

Brethren,  are you  familiar with the song “ Do something new  in my life, something marvelous in my life O Lord etc.     If you are, then   make it   your song throughout  this month.

Since it’s a new beginning, let’s start today’s edition of Joyful homes in a different way.

Testimony-    Sometimes last month, I received an amazing testimony from the United States of America .  A   59 year old woman who had been married for 38 years gave birth   to a baby boy in New York.  The Ghanaian woman; Budu gave birth to the baby after some fertility treatment.

She and her husband had been married for 38 years and all efforts to have children failed.  As human beings, they got tired of trying and gave up.

Associated Press reported the story with photographs.

However, she was inspired by the story of another woman who gave birth at the age of 60 years after some fertility treatment.

That’s in America you would say but let me say that in Nigeria here, there is a record of a woman who gave birth after 35  years of marriage without any fertility treatment.

In her case, God  attended  to her.

For both women, they experienced a new beginning.  They moved from loneliness to motherhood.  God removed the reproach in the lives of these women.

If you are saying,   Budu gave birth after fertility treatment, is that a miracle?  My answer is yes it is.   Consider, several fertility treatments that she and her husband  must have had which failed.

Don’t be deceived. These babies were born when God decided to give them a new beginning.

Do you also know that couples in such condition  spend a lot of money trying to use scientific means to have children but such efforts gave them no child?  I once mentioned a couple that had IVF seven times and none produced a single baby.

When God intervened this particular couple without IVF gave birth to a set of triplets. It happened at Laughter Foundation Christian Ministry in Lagos.

My prayer for you is that this season, God will wipe out every reproach in your life and give you a new beginning.

There may not be a new beginning without a challenge.    God is about to turn your situation around and you’ll have a new beginning.

What does the scripture say about a new beginning?  Our authority  is found in  the book of prophet Isaiah 43 vs. 18&19 “ Remember  ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old .  Behold, I will do a new thing now it shall spring forth ;  shall ye not know it?  I will even make a way in the wilderness and rivers and in the desert”.

God has promised you a new thing.  It is your duty to ask for it.  When he says he will make a way for  you in the wilderness  and a river in the desert, it simply means every door that has been shut against you shall be open in the name of Jesus.

Have been  you writing applications and no organization has ever invited you for an interview let alone offer you an appointment? Lift your spirit, God is about to make a way for you and you will get more than you ever anticipated in the name of Jesus.

For someone to have a new beginning, you must desire to terminate the old order  in your life.   What is your old order?  Loneliness, Barrenness, Fruitless efforts,  Unemployment etc.    Which ever is yours, God is able to terminate the old order and give you a new beginning.

We have another assurance of the Almighty God,  for a new beginning in Psalm 30 vs. 5 “  For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life: weeping may endure  for a night, but joy cometh in the morning”.

Our  focus on the later part of the verse. “ weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning”.

You might have been faced with that health challenge for years,  I  mean that pain has been with you for several years but  if you do not doubt, relief is on the way.

Whatever it is you are going through   be assured that God is capable of giving you a turn around indeed a new beginning of joy.  A  beginning of  laughter.

God is able to give you a beginning that will cause even your enemies to rejoice with you.

However, God shows mercy to those who ask for his mercy.   It is time for you to begin to ask for his mercy.  Why?  You must not end this year without your major testimony.

In  Psalm 30 vs. 10, King David wrote “ Hear, O Lord , and have mercy upon me:  Lord be thou my helper”.

With God as your helper,  a new beginning is assured.   As human beings we must be humble enough  to appreciate that there are several things we cannot achieve on  our own .  Therefore, we need the help of God. Only with his help will there be a new beginning.  Only with his help will that reproach be removed.

That child whose attitude is giving your concern as a parent, can still  become the one you will celebrate. Only if you seek the help of God.

Anointing breaks the yoke of unemployment-  I share with you   an edited version of a testimony from Living Faith Church popularly called  Winners Chapel culled from  Winners’ Digest.

A Mr.   N. wrote that his major expectation in 2017 was to secure a job.  “ I submitted my CV in a company and I heard a lot of people saying that they submitted several CVs to the same company and had not been called”.

He said he was in the church on January 15 when a word of knowledge was released that  someone would receive a miracle job and “ I received it with faith”.

The following day; Monday he went to submit his CV and on Tuesday, he was  invited for an interview.

But before he left for the interview, he anointed his head, tongue and hands as earlier advised by his Pastor.

He wrote “ After  the interview, I was asked to wait outside.  When the interview was over, I was called back inside.  The interview panel asked me  if I had gone somewhere to receive charms because they were surprised  at how boldly I spoke .  They asked if I could start immediately and I said yes.   I want to bless the name of the Lord because I was given   the job immediately. My case is different”.

Brethren,  the Anointing made his case different.  The anointing made the interview panel see  in him, something extra-ordinary.

Note that this man believed the word of God, he believed the man of God and his dream was fulfilled.

In this month of a new beginning, the Lord almighty will attend to your needs and give you a new beginning in   name of Jesus.


Editor’s note- Congratulations to The Redeemed  Christian Church of God

( RCCG) on its 65th annual Convention, holding at the RCCG Redemption Camp,  Kilometer 46 Lagos – Ibadan expressway from August 7-13.  It a week of prayers and exceptional  ministration.     It  is Titled “ Halleluyah!

  The General Overseer of  RCCG, Pastor E.A   Adeboye and other ministers of God will minister .

The programme is for everyone who wants to be free from all yokes.  Try and attend.



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