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APC does not understand restructuring?

By Yinka Odumakin

I SHOULD have been having a belly laugh by now but for the tragic occurrence that the All Progressives Congress  APC, just set up a committee headed by an opponent of the concept, Mallam Nasir El Rufai, to define what the all important demand in Nigeria today, restructuring, means? I thought the party should just have bought a copy of Chambers dictionary to check the meaning of the word instead of setting up this needless committee which at best is a mockery. Or has Mallam Shekau mopped the bookshops to give practical effect to Boko Haram?

What APC has done is like Governor Richard setting up a committee to go and define “Independence” when the likes of Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Sir Ahmadu Bello  and other nationalists were negotiating for independence. Is it not a shame today that our internal colonialists are doing what the colonial masters did not contemplate?

If the APC managers don’t understand what restructuring to return Nigeria to true federalism means, what the heck did they understand by it when they printed it on their manifesto? Or they are telling us they hired consultants to write their manifesto and they didn’t bother to read through before they presented to it to the public?

In any case, they made a zillion promises to the electorate and two years after it seems they don’t know what any of those promises means anymore. Which literally means we should expect a plethora of committees from these folks in the months ahead. A committee to define what it means to get one Naira exchanged  for one dollar to start with. Then a committee on what is the idea of providing a meal per day in public schools. We should also expect a committee on what Nigerians are saying about creating three million jobs. And more committees and committees while the Republic disappears.


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