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His voice will turn things around

By Funmi Komolafe

This season, physically speaking, heavens have opened. In several parts of this country, we are experiencing rainfall.   However, spiritually speaking, when heaven opens, there   is usually a voice. At other times, there may be no voice but something spectacular happens. When heaven opens, blessings come down.  Things turn around for the best.

How do we know?  Let’s refer to the gospel according to St. Luke 3 vs. 21 and 22

“ Now when all the people were baptized, it came to pass, that Jesus also being baptized, and praying, the heaven was opened”.

What happened?  Verse 22 “ And the Holy Ghost descended in a bodily shape like a dove upon him, and a voice came from heaven, which said, Thou art my beloved Son; in thee I am well pleased”.

Brethren, from then on things changed.  Jesus was empowered and miracles began to happen.  Lives were transformed.  The blind began to see, the lame began to leap, inadequacy changed to abundance and many more.

This season, I pray that Heaven will open for you and your life will experience a turn around.   Whatever has been your source of worry will become a testimony in Jesus name.

Let’s take a look at the life of a young boy called Samuel.  He was a product of a closed womb.   The child of a woman  that  was called  barren. You are familiar with the story of how his mother decided to give him back to the Lord .

Samuel was just like any other child ministering unto Eli.  He slept on his mat in the house of Eli but one day, heaven opened for him.

How? Ist Samuel 3 verses 3-21 gives us  a detail record of how God spoke to Samuel.

Let’s consider verses 8&9 “ And the LORD called Samuel again the third time.  And he rose and went to Eli, and said, Here am I; for thou didst call me.  And Eli perceived that the LORD had called the child.  Therefore Eli said unto Samuel , Go lie down: and it shall be, if he calls thee, that thou shalt say, Speak LORD; for thy servant heareth. So Samuel went and lay down in his place”.

Heavens opened and Samuel heard the voice of God.   This season, in the name of Jesus, concerning that issue that has been a point of sorrow,  heaven will open and  you will hear his voice  in the mighty name of Jesus.

Samuel heard the voice of God and from that day, his life changed. His life was transformed from a child ministering to a servant of God to a great prophet of God.

What we are saying is that that  when heavens open for you, your breakthrough will come in. You will begin to succeed where others have failed.

But it is one thing for heaven to open unto you, it is another thing for you to keep the channel open. God in his mercy might decide to speak to you through the voice of the Holy Spirit or give you a revelation   by way of a vision or a dream but whether that channel will remain open  could be determined by you.

What do I mean? For instance, a couple is trusting God for the fruit of the womb.  Like several others, they have gone from one physician to another and  they have been told to just go and relax  that babies will come.

Year after year, they continue to wait but no baby was forth coming.  At the same time they have been prayerful.  During one of such praying sessions, the pastor told them that God would visit them and they would be parents.

Both of them heard the pastor and told him they believe. One year, two years, there was no physical manifestation of the promise of God. Soon they began to give in to societal pressure.   The man began to get into relationships with strange women.  The woman too due to the influence of friends, also began to commit adultery.  They began to cheat on each other.  Still no baby came.

Unknown to the man, the woman he got into a relationship with is a cultist. The woman too did not know that the man she had a secret relationship with had another agenda.

No baby came, their marriage began to sink. Two friends had become enemies. It got to a point that they were no longer on speaking terms.

The man went down, completely down financially and the marriage broke down.

The couple went their separate ways.  Both worse than they started.

Brethren, whose fault is it?  Would you say God did not speak?  God spoke, but they failed to live a life that would bring down the promised blessing.

What are you doing in that secret corner of your room that is contrary to the word of God?

Have you gotten yourself to a stage where you believe   that God is  not coming fast enough for you and you decided to take other steps?  Be prepared for the consequences of your action.

For us to have the joy of the Lord in our lives, we must   believe in the word of God and live by his word.   There is no short cut.   You cannot jump God’s queue but your desperate cry can provoke God’s mercy and he will attend to you in a manner that will surprise you.

Brethren what one is saying in today’s article is that  God is merciful and will open heaven for those who trust in him.   Heavens will open for those who serve no other god but Jehovah.

Testimony-   I ‘ll share this testimony by a member of  Living Faith Church popularly called Winners Chapel written by the man.

He wrote, “ Success was an illusion in my family.   We only heard of people succeeding but had never experienced  it.  Rather, it had been death after death.   But God said to me “My son, you will not die”. Today, I am the first graduate in my family and the first person to know God.  There were many problems, but God was my strength.  I came to this church last year, jobless, I had no money to feed myself.  I was about getting married.  I had to cancel the wedding because I had no job.  But I was trusting God for provisions for the wedding. For the first two weeks, I was trekking to and from church.   The first time I would give an offering in church, I gave five Naira.  Three months  after, I gave that offering, I got  a job and a month later, I changed the job for a  better one.  Two weeks ago, I  got married.  I single-handedly sponsored the wedding without borrowing from any body! God raised me from grass to grace”.

Brethren do you see the difference? In what way was this brother different from the couple?  God spoke to both of them. The difference was that this brother held on to the word.   He continued   to trust God.He also made a sacrificial giving. You may say only five Naira but for someone who was jobless that was a great sacrifice.  He said while waiting there were many problems but God was his strength.

Who is your strength?  Is it that herbalist that your parents are urging you to come and consult so that you don’t remain childless in your marriage?

Are you putting your trust in a fake prophet who is promising you that bathing by the river in the dark of the night will bring you riches?

Brethren, you have a choice.  Keep the Lord’s channel of communication open or shut it  with your unholy conduct.

My suggestion is, hold on to the Lord steadfastly.  Cry to him in desperation and his mercy will turn your situation around for the best.


Have a blessed week!



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