Challenging times are here and competition is real.

Do you own your own business? Have you reviewed your customer service technique?

It is important that more attention should be paid to the customer service that you render your clients, ensuring that indeed you maintain service quality, in a bid to meeting their dynamic needs. This for me is key in projecting the perfect image both personally and professionally.

Let me share my most recent experience that gave me that ahah moment!

Coming off the plane after such a long flight I was careful to check that I had left nothing on the plane, since I did not want to revisit my ordeal that I once experienced after having left my phone on board. Satisfied that I was good to go I disembarked the plane. Just as we all proceeded to baggage reclaim we could her someone running, suddenly a uniformed air hostess breathless briskly shouted Sir, you forgot your IPad and presented it straight to passenger. He was shocked and relieved at her kindness. Sincerely that was so nice of her as she could easily have put it in lost and found and that would be the end. That Extra Added Service really impressed me

Again,I was in the supermarket the other day at the checkout counter waiting for my turn to be attended to. The family in front of me had a trolley load of goods almost as if they were moving into a new house, this meant that I had to be as patient as I could until they were completely done. Surprisingly as they were leaving the saleslady greeted me with a smile and apologized for the delay.That was a first and immediately I smiled back quite impressed. She then proceeded to open up carrier bags for me and asked if I needed help with my packing.

That is what I call customer service. The saleslady made me feel very welcomed and comfortable. On the other hand while in the bank the other day just as I approached the teller I noticed no smile, no greeting and interestingly he was busy attending to something else as I waited for his attention. I wondered why he called for a new customer if he was not ready to attend. When he was ready he offered no apology for his poor customer service. From then on I decided that online banking was the way forward to avoid this king of rudeness.

What impression do you leave in the minds of your clients/customers?

Is it one that welcomes them back or that should leave them impressed, enough to want them to come back and do business with you?

Let me share a few tips with you on great ways to offer customer service that will leave your clients/customers with a positive impression:

Customer Service Tips

1.Smile smilesmile

Every customer has to see the best side of you. You are face of your organization the impression you leave in their minds should be a lasting one.

2.Eye Contact

This does not come naturally to some but with constant practice along with a smile this gets easier. In every situation look into the eyes of the person you are talking to. Maintain your gaze for 3 minutes at a stretch or more.

  1. 3.Body Language

We are all aware of the adage that says that actions speak louder than words. Your body positioning expresses your level of approachability and sincerity in speech. You need to appear genuinely concerned and willing to assist your customers to resolve every need.


The customer they say is always right. With every angry and difficult customer the objective should be to keep them calm and find a solution to their concerns. Under no circumstance should you join in with a hot temperament, as you leave a worse impression in the mind of the client.

  1. 5. Appearance

To command a decent level of respect from your clients you must dress the way you would like to be addressed. Pay attention to detail in your choice of clothing including, size, fit, colour and appropriateness. Where you may have to wear a daily uniform neatness and cleanliness is uppermost.

  1. 6. Conversation

Try to make your conversations be brief and non-personal beginning with a pleasant greeting or compliment.

  1. 7. Listen and Learn

Listen to your customer attentively, taking note of the issue on ground. The tone and pace of your client’s voice will determine the level magnitude of your response and level of seriousness required.

 8.Express Apology

Customers like your apology as it shows you align with them. Make your customer feel appreciated and comfortable.

  1. 9.Phonetalk

You should respond to calls within the first three rings. Be audible, polite and responsiveness when responding.

  1. 10.Friendliness

Acknowledge your customers at all times, treat your customers in a friendly and cordially way. Especially when your loyal customers are present let them feel like part of the family.

Above all it is always important to know that your business thrives on your customers / clients. It takes a positive impression and a satisfied customer to keep and maintain your client base, this inturn will win you more customers, more business, more money.

Good luck!

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