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Rampant Igbophobia — Readers responses

Last week, I wrote about the Northern youths who have given Igbos three months in which to leave the North and urged the Acting President to allow them to leave Nigeria. I complained about widespread anti-Igbo sentiments, which I described as “Rampant Igbophobia” and “toxic tribalistic tripe.” I also quoted someone who believes that Igbophobia boils down to jealousy (of the Igbos’ commercial success).

I received hundreds of responses from Vanguard readers. As a matter of fact – and much to my surprise – this topic triggered off more reactions than any other article I’ve ever written on this page. Some examples:-

Dear Donu,

Please do not use my name. I am a Yoruba and feel that there is no such thing as Igbophobia.    I was born in Lagos and was four years old when the war started.  My first experience of Igbo hatred of the Yoruba was in secondary school. As teenagers, I was surprised that my classmates some who were Igbos have been brainwashed to hate Yoruba even before meeting them – that was my first shocker.

As I grew older, I realised that this hatred of Yoruba and indeed other ethnic nationalities is very deep. I then decided to study the history of the civil war.   It became obvious that there is no pacifying the Igbos.   You cannot love someone who hates you.   What you sow is what you reap.   Do Igbos sow love and reap hatred where ever they go? No, I don’t think so.

I will support the creation of Biafra any time.   Nobody should be forced into a marriage they don’t want…The differences between Igbos, Yoruba and Hausa-Fulani is so deep that if care is not taken it will implode into war again.   There is no way we can build a nation with so much dislike for each other.

 From Emmanuel Ekene (

Dear Donu,

There is so much hatred for the Igbos by some other Nigerians and I cannot fathom the reason why it is so? I am an Igbo man born in Warri, the heartbeat of Niger Delta. I presently reside in Lagos and there is this penchant to be aggressive towards the Igbos by some other Nigerians. It gets me worried and depressed sometimes, though I try to pick myself up and trudge on with life in spite of the hostilities towards the Igbos.

I would want to say the Igbos are a victim of their own success; they succeed where others dare not and it is making some other Nigerians envious of them. Mark you, the Igbos are not only successful in commerce, they have now delved into the private sector very aggressively, which   used to be the exclusive preserve of some other tribes in Nigeria. Instead of asking themselves how the Igbos are able to combine commerce, education etc to be successful, they are busy beefing and looking out for criminal elements among the Igbos and try to criminalise all Igbos. By the way, like you mentioned in your write up, criminal elements are rampant among other tribes in Nigeria equally.

The quit notice by the CNY, as far as I am concerned, does not hold water, reason being that IPOB and MASSOB in their agitations have not asked other Nigerians residing in the South East to leave or threaten their means of livelihood. If IPOB is getting the sympathy of educated Igbos today, it means their message resonates with both educated and non educated Igbos.

Act of cowardice

Why on earth did CNY   spew so much HATRED in their press conference? They illiterately demonised and tarred all Igbos living in the North with black brush.

Giving in to the threat of the CNY by the Igbos living in the North   and quit by October 1, 2017 is an act of cowardice and we cannot be threatened to leave Nigeria. After all, they said TO KEEP NIGERIA ONE IS A TASK THAT MUST BE DONE!

It implies that an Igbo man can live anywhere in Nigeria and enjoy all the benefits derivable therefrom; the Igbos cannot give in to the threat of CNY to vacate our properties we have laboured and toiled   for over the years and run away…. Run to where? Nobody has a monopoly of violence.

You may want to say the way I am writing is typical Igbos way of arrogance; that is far from the truth.

The only panacea to the IPOB agitation is not the stigmatisation of the Igbos, but a deliberate attempt by the All Progressives Congress, APC-led Federal Government to follow the spirit and letter of Federal Character as enshrined in the 1999 Constitution as amended.

Donu, there is a renaissance going on among the Igbos now, which is   that we must bring our wealth down to the South East to develop our own heartland…Igbos in Nigeria and Diaspora have keyed into the aku luo uno (bring the wealth  home) philosophy. I hope when Igbos begin to invest aggressively in the South East, other Nigerians will not turn around to tag them irredentist and clannish?

From: Osubele Kpoobor <>

The Igbo issue is taking a diabolical dimension and has become really annoying to some of us. In a civilized world Nnamdi Kanu would  have been deemed to have committed a criminal offence as he sneaked into the country with a false name, set up transmitters to publicly abuse our president, calling him a pedophile…among other abuses and threatened the country.

His trial has become politicised and today he is a hero receiving diplomats from other countries. A few days back he threatened death against anyone who is opposed to Biafra and has said no elections will hold in the East till further notice beginning with Anambra. Yet we are quiet.


If I were to be the President, I will allow them to go; the noise has become too much. But let them not deceive themselves that we Niger Deltans will go with them. We love our country Nigeria, warts and all, and we will work to make Nigeria work.

2349095937624 Leslie

Dear Donu, I am from the Niger Delta but won’t mention which part. I have been reading your articles on Sweet and Sour for a long time. There is a question I will like to ask: After  55 years of being together as a country, what has been the benefit of staying together from that time till now; can you outline the gains in one of your write-ups for your readers to debate because for me, we will benefit more if the country splits into different entities.

We should tell ourselves the truth. Mark it, Nigeria will never work even in the next 50 years being together, it is a lie being sold by the Westerners, especially the British, to cover up their failures of amalgamation for selfish reasons.

It is very wrong and a mistake to condemn something we have not experienced. Tell us what the benefits of being one nation since independence till now and what we stand to lose if this country splits.


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