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‘Just like Dad’

By Janet Adetu

Wishing all our Fathers a Happy Father’s Day!I thought this would be a nice opportunity to give a shout out to all our fathers today, both biological and non-biological. All those father figures whom we respect adore and appreciate for all they have done for us in our lives. Whether you are related to the person or the person is indeed your spiritual father they will always play a role in your life that hopefully is a positive one.


How would you like your children to be just like you? Would it be in just looks alone or to include your character and personality too? If your father appeared very strict and disciplined while you were growing up, I am sure you should today be grateful for those strict times and hardcore life skills, which has to an extent almost everything to do with your person today.

Are you thankful for early discipline or do you think it was a little over the top? If you were to compare today’s youth with the past are they disciplined enough? They spend too much time in the midst of negativity that you will be alarmed at their perceptions of life. The onus is on every man to learn to lead by example and try to live an exemplary life. It is important to be able to impact another person’s life and create that opportunity that will make you stand out from the crowd and be positively well remembered. That way your children and those growing up around you will want to be “Just Like Dad.”

As we celebrate fathers’ day, I have a few tips of what it will take to be ‘just like dad’:

How your kids could be just like you:


It is a legacy to hand down something from the past to the future. Do you think your children would want to be just like you dad? Yes, I am talking to our dads. If you were to think of why your son or children would want to be like, are you readily able to answer that question? Are your kids very different from you or are they somewhat a chip off the old block? If you were to reflect this current and present times would you say you are doing that thing that you are proud of that your children would equally be proud of? Is your business a viable and sustainable one that you are thinking of grooming your children to possibly succeed you?

Are you passing down what was passed down to you? Your legacy must be equally valuable to you; It must touch others in a positive, direct and impactful way to be ‘just like dad.’


The greatest things you can pass on are your values. Your values speak of who you truly are and defines your personality. If you were to be asked your top 3 values in life what would they be? It does not imply that others must have the same core values with you as everybody is different and this changes as they grow older. But a moment of reflection which core values would be of significance to you?

It can be your family, finances, health, religion, environment, material acquisitions, qualifications, status, network, associations and a host of other things. Which core value would you like or are you already passing on to your children that is of added value to their growth and development?


My second tip, your name. You may ask what is in a name, well too much I can say, your name clearly is your identity. You cannot afford to tarnish your name especially if you want you sons to be “just like dad”. Though today you can opt to denounce your name and change it you still want to be remembered for the good things you have been doing. The important thing for every man is to uphold your name to the highest esteem. Let it be known for great things be careful to remember that as a father the name has automatically be inherited by other family members, always leave reasons for your children to be proud of their name.


Are you happy to say your kids want to be just like you? Do you have habits that fall short of good credibility? Maybe you are known to be rough and somewhat untidy or surprisingly you are a neat freak what are you doing about it to help reduce or eradicate it or better still pass it on where it is positive? Your habits are seen even when you do not notice yourself. Remember your children will always be mirroring your every behaviour the good, bad and ugly and will likely take this into adulthood. Which habit would you like to pass on all the others get rid of them.

Wishing you all the best!



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