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Beyond ‘street protests and sit at home orders’

By Mohammed Adamu

NOTE: Given the deluge of responses to last week’s Biafra: In peace or in pieces, I have decided, this week, to give up the page to those who feel strongly for or against the views I canvassed. Enjoy them:

Biafra’s Okay, but there’s no basis for it!

ONLINE:– “Those who advocate that the ‘Czechoslovakia Formula’ out of which Czech and Slovak republics emerged, be applied to Nigeria simply forget, or are not aware of the history of the Cold War. Now, when late renegade General Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu made reference to the ‘peaceful dissolution of former Czechoslovakia’, he was quick to add that Nigeria does not lend itself to any easy dissolution. He should know: as a historian, he knew Biafra. There would have been no need to go to war if Nigeria was structured as Czechoslovakia. Or, Germany. To a reasonable extent, Korea, another victim of the Cold War resembles Czechoslovakia and Germany.

Like several such instances, especially in Eastern Europe, Korea may still go the way of Czechoslovakia (never mind the effects of the 1950-53 war that severed the country into two along ideological lines). Like the United States, UK and virtually all countries of the world, Nigeria may be a ‘mere geographical expression’, but, again, and as we all know, Nigeria’s artificiality, just like that of the US, is very much unlike that of Czechoslovakia.

If South Sudan was tonic for agitators of Biafra, they got it wrong. Aside the sharp differences that have turned Africa’s youngest state into a snake pit, we know old Sudan was more like Czechoslovakia. There is nothing wrong in seeking Biafra, problem is there is no basis for it, considering extant international laws/memoranda cited in your piece.

NB: Your piece is understandably silent on the so called Kaduna declaration. The boys don’t have my sympathies but, as a ‘balance of terror’, I notice their threat is serving its purpose considering the graveyard silence from the Biafran agitators. Honestly, if elders and leaders of thought in the South East responded the way big northern voices have done to the starry eyed Kaduna youths, maybe Uwazuruike and Kanu would have realised they are like fish out of water.

Unhappily, most of the feathered red caps and big staff of the South East clammed up, may be expecting the bad boys to do their dirty job for them. I am still surprised a nocturnal meeting has not been called, as it was done in 1976, to ‘prevail’ on Kanu to declare another stillborn baby”. –Abdulrazaq Magaji.

 Beyond street protests and sit at home orders

Online:– “Biafra is not a colony of Nigeria and thus, there is no basis for this argument, because resolution 1514 of 1960 is about the right of people to be freed from their colonial masters!

Adamu’s argument should be challenged by other UN declarations like the declarations dealing with the rights of indigenous people. However, contingent upon the recognition of the right of a people to be recognised as a country, is the acquiescence of all the 5 permanent members of the security council not to exercise a veto on such recognition, even if the general assembly moves to accept such a new country. The decision at the UN security council, UNSC, cannot be overridden by any resolution of the general assembly! So we must accept and face the enormous international legal frameworks that lie ahead in the actualisation of Biafra and formulate the right diplomacy to achieve this. In the present world order since the end of WW2 in 1945, there must be one permanent member of the security council that supports the idea of Biafra; even if the Nigerian state refuses to hold a voluntary referendum, for Biafra to have a head start of being a country. This is the point that a lot of us are worried about, on the feasibility of a Biafra. This is the dilemma and at the same time the reality that Biafra faces. Biafra can only be achieved through the instrumentality of this world order and not in the illusions of some witless agitators. And in the present ill-disposition of the Nigerian state for a voluntary referendum and short of an armed insurrection, I can only take IPOB and MASSOB serious, the day I find their lobbyists in the halls of the UN and EU, the streets of the DC beltway, London, Paris, Kremlin and old Peking, as opposed to street protests and sit at home orders that serve few purposes in the serious struggles of nationhood”. –Osit Brown

Biafra not about Nnamdi Kanu!

Online:– “You can turn the truth upside down and inside out to fit your malice and vituperation towards a people who are asking for nothing other than to be allowed their inalienable right to self determination, that is your business. But one thing you can’t do is taming their ideology, the strength of their spirit and resoluteness. All these sermons, excerpts from dubious documents and twisted charters and constitutions are not yielding a desired result thus futile. Biafra will leave peacefully without a gunshot; as the world, today, has moved past the century old ideology of Mallam Adamu. What he also doesn’t seem to know is that Biafra struggle is not only in Nigeria and does not only revolve around Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; some underground work is being done at the UN with the backing of some foreign partners and friendly nations. The Biafra train is already in motion and about to traverse the frontier and no amount of persuasion and or hostility can impede it. I thought Biafrans were your bête noire, why these painstaking efforts trying to keep them with you even though you know it will be vain?”


The Igbos are ‘largely” harmless!

Online:– “As a realist, I want to watch how the actualisation of Biafra works out. I just want our brothers and sisters to acknowledge the fact that other Nigerians are not inferior to them as they think. Only a fool will take his neighbours for granted. We all have our areas of strength and weakness. Hostility towards others is a bad character. Be good to those you meet on your way up as you will surely need them on your way down. Let’s purge ourselves of this notion of perceived “superiority complex and Jewish progeneity”. I really would love to read your opinion on Fulani hegemony over Nigeria and the menace of Herdsmen and Boko Haram. These ones are real, have displayed superiority complex and Arab supremacy, affect the country and have caused it’s lack of progress. It’s amazing how people pour scorn on the Igbo who are largely harmless Na wa o!

–Sola Akinwande.

 Yes to referendum, No to’Right of might’!

Online:– “The write up is just trying to drum up support for the continued domination of the north over the rest of the south. All that you have elucidated do no longer apply because laws are made for man and not man made for law. There is now new law in town, which has to do with REFERENDUM. The “right of might” has been overtaken by referendum. Through referendum, a section of a country that feels abused, denied and oppressed has a right to agitate for a separate state and ask for referendum. This took place in Scotland just two years ago in 2015. If the Scotland experience has succeeded, United Kingdom would have been history by now. So, all the apologists of one Nigeria should stop this crap and face the reality that the time has come for a negotiated disengagement. I pity those who are not seeing what the Ibos are seeing. It happened before in 1967 and many regretted not joining Biafra then. Now, we are at it again, in 20 years, many sections of Nigeria will regret why they did not support Biafra in 2017.” –Kalu.

Biafra will come to pass, someday!

Online:– “The UN General Assembly Resolution 1514(XV) of 14 December 1960 is unambiguous and clear on the right of peoples to self-determination or self-government. All the Seven Declarations support Biafra agitation. Those opposing Biafra can afford to introduce ambiguity to a lucid document and import extraneous materials to buttress their stand but we know they’re only doing so because Nigeria as is presently constituted favours them. I sincerely don’t believe the author of this revisionist work which is laden with contradictions is sincere. And I ask, if his region, the Arewa, have sufficient reasons to leave the country, will he be quoting all these nonsensical and contradictory excerpts? But whatever anyone might think or say, the Biafra agitation can never be wished away. It might tarry but it’ll surely come to pass!”


Igbos are not a minority gruop!

+2348036907791:– “First, Igbos are not a minority group. The Igbos are in South-East, South-South and North-Central states. Biafra is achievable in peace. Despite ACF youths’ quit notice it is no retreat, no surrender. Mr. Adamu we had a life under external British colonial masters that was better than the internal Hausa-Fulani colonial lords. Maybe you need to get the Biafra national anthem. Paragraph two says: defending thee shall be a dedication; spilling our blood we’ll count a privilege. So, if you don’t want the peace option, let’s try Buhari’s option –i.e, the second option, let the nation drown…. Thanks.”

–Kelvic Ugochukwu.

We are leaving anyway!

Online:– “Lincoln’s doctrine was fine 150 years ago against slavery in the United states. But it couldn’t stop the modern day disintegration of the Soviet Union, the Balkans, Singapore, Indonesia, the Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Djibouti, to mention but a few. The states of the United States voluntarily signed into the Union. But tribes of Nigeria never signed in to Nigeria. In fact, the amalgamation that created the Nigerian union since expired. No where did they sign on to the military dictated Islamic constitution of Nigeria. I appreciate all the efforts of these Muslims, Yoruba or not, to keep me in perpetual servitude, but I am leaving.” –Anonymous

Agitators must follow due process!

Online:- “The truth is that our agitators from the South East, are not willing to follow due process. The elite among them who know the processes and procedures, are  quiet. That portends danger in all ramifications. Thanks for the information, keep it up”.

–Musa Bello.

 Failure of restraint

Online:– “Well researched and reasoned, warning everyone to be conscious of the choices they make. I am similarly persuaded. But I believe we arrived at where we are because of the failure of restraint and the lack of intent to do the right thing. The trending situation and its impending consequences will not pay us because the cost threatens to leave us with absolute loss”.

–Bolaji Adebiyi.

It is about equity, fairness, and justice

Online:- “self -determination is not about clearing forests which I know are more in the South West than any other part of Nigeria but about the pursuit of equity, fairness and justice which Nigeria doesn’t seem to be providing currently. Or do you begrudge people’s right to self-determination or self-government?” -Adide


Online:– “Little by little, Adamu is coming around, you will soon author another article on the full right of people to secede!”

-Lord Jaspers.

Online:- “Till death do us part….fight for your right, go to war, other than that, you will be here with us forever. As were the generations before you, so will the generations after you.”

Priestley Okorro.

Online:- “That’s to say that even the UN will be against Biafra, as the President has taken oath of office to defend its territorial integrity even if it means using force. Biafra don enter one chance.”





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