By Funmi Komolafe

Welcome to a new week. This week, the Lord will surprise you in Jesus name.

Brethren, today we are taking a look at loneliness especially for sisters and brothers   that are of marriageable age but not married.

Many a times we tend to over estimate the effects of loneliness in a person’s life.   Simply put, loneliness is described as “ the state of being alone in solitary isolation”. Lonely as an adjective is “lack of companions or companionship”. It could lead to depression if not properly managed.

However, one can be in the midst of many people and still be lonely.  In other words, the one who is lonely has no friend.   He or she has no confidant.  No one to trust.  No one to share his or her thoughts with.

Some children who live with their parents are still lonely. Why?  How? Parents have become too busy to share the thoughts of their children.   So, parents need to find time to allow their children open up to them so that they do not open up to the wrong person.

However, our focus here is mainly about men and women of marriageable age but have remained  unmarried.

Our focus is on those who wish to be married. Those who need life partners.

Genesis 2 vs. 18 gives us the Lord’s views about loneliness “ And the Lord God said, it is not good that the man should be alone;  I will make a help meet for him”.

Brethren, companionship is the first essence of marriage. Pro-creation is the second reason we get married.

So, why would a good looking lady with good manners and a good job, a God fearing lady not find a man to marry her?

For some ladies, no man ever said, “  Let’s start a relationship “.  I mean NO man ever said that to her yet single men relate to her as platonic friends.

From the little I have seen during deliverance services, there is usually a spiritual force preventing his or her getting married.  Are you surprised that   some men also have such challenges?  Yes, there are men who  are lonely.

Sometimes, these forces are  within our families. People who know your history, have used diabolical means to project into your future and have made up their minds to stop you.  They have decided to stop you just because they don’t want you to live a fulfilled life.

Let me share with you, the story of a beautiful lady who is now over 50, a good professional but who really wishes to get married but has not been able to.

For this purpose, I will call her lady G. She is the first child of her mother and has a good job. Since her father died, she had become the breadwinner of the family, sending her siblings to school and generally fending for the family. Unknown to her, her siblings whom she has been helping are envious.  They also know that the greatest desire of her heart is to get married.   The siblings enlisted the support of their mother and  took evil steps to stop her from getting married. No matter how long she is in a relationship with a man, it never ends in marriage. So, lady G. has been living a lonely life. While all her siblings, men and women have gotten married and had children.

What could be the motive of members of her family? For her mother, lady G must remain at home to take care of her.  For the siblings it is simply, why must she have every thing? Other people have other ungodly reasons.

For others, someone has put an invisible veil on the face of the lady that will never make her attractive to any man.  In other cases, a mark of the devil could have been placed on the lady or the man to prevent the  partner from locating his or her spouse.

The good news is that for every thing that the devil and his agents have done, the power of God can undo.  God has the power not to only undo but to give the best.

How do you set yourself free from all evil marks? First, let me say that marks of the devil may not be to stop one from getting married alone; it can also stop people from having children, from being promoted at work. It can limit in any form.

Brethren all such forces of darkness can be overthrown. It is for this purpose that our Lord Jesus came to this earth in human form.

Ist John 3 vs. 8 is our reference “ He that committeth sin  is of the devil; for the devil sinneth  from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the work of the devil”.

Our emphasis is “For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the work of devil”.

If you believe that Christ is able to destroy the works of the devil, then run to him in prayer.  Pray without ceasing.  Cry unto God and repeatedly tell him to put an end to every form of loneliness in your life.   Indeed, you are not as lonely as you think because Jesus is always by your side. Set aside all thoughts about your age.    God does not consider age as a condition for answering prayers.  Otherwise, women who have children at over 50 years would never have become mothers yet we have records of many of such women.

I’ll refer you to a sermon of Pastor Sam Adeyemi, the General Overseer of DayStar  titled “Marriage on Purpose”.He told the congregation, “ You are 25 and trusting God for a marriage partner.  It is not your prayer that will create the partner. He is already created.  You only need to pray for the Spirit of God to give you recognition that you may identify and be connected”.

Let me share the testimony of a sister with whom we once worked in a reputable newspaper house.

This lady often speaks of her desire to get married.  She had her own idea of what her home would be even when many of us weren’t thinking of marriage yet.

One day, she came into the newsroom and said, can you imagine, this guy  ( known to  most of us)  but works in another media organization  says he wants to marry me.  My friend, said, the guy is so daring, I am older than him. I couldn’t be bothered   since marriage wasn’t my priority then but an elderly lady whom we called Sister D.  asked my friend what was wrong with that.

Meanwhile my friend was in a relationship with another man who worked next door  but somehow, after a few months, things fell apart between her and the guy next door. To shorten the story, we soon saw wedding invitation cards of our friend and the man she once said she could never marry because she was older than him. Today, they are happily married with children and no one except a few of us know that she is older.

The point here is that sometimes, it is the woman that limits herself by looking for the perfect man. Or the man limiting himself by looking out for an angel as a life partner.

As Christians the way to identify our marriage partner is by praying.   We need to ask the Lord to open our eyes and make Divine connection.

For every marriageable woman, there is a man.

A  popular Christian song is “ Open my eyes,  O Lord,  open my eyes, O Lord, I am ready to obey”. Brethren are you ready to obey?  Will  you not say, I cannot marry a man who does not have a car or  is below my status? Remember, we all came into this world with nothing and we shall leave with nothing.

As a  man are  you not saying I can’t marry her because she is not a graduate?Is there anything that prevents you from sending her to the university even when she is married? Let the Lord come into your life and loneliness will depart. Take a decision today to invite Jesus into your life and you will have everlasting joy.

Be determined to put an end to loneliness, make Jesus your companion.


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