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The Teachers’ Fortress berths in schools

BABS Olugbemi, author of the Students’ Fortress, the book that gave students ten  practical rules for passing exams excellently, has again published another book titled, ‘Teachers Fortress.’ The Students’ Fortress having been widely accepted was reviewed on various platforms including the WAEC Infobox programmes on NTA and TVC stations by the author.

Through the Students’ Fortress, the author had initiated the creation of Students’ Fortress Club in the ninety nine public secondary schools of the Lagos Education District I. Satisfied with the impact of the on students, the author, Babs Olugbemi, a financial service expert went ahead to publish  the ‘Teachers’ Fortress’ (a simple guide to becoming a teacher and school leader of impact).

This book will increase the influence and impact quotient of the teachers toward developing students who can deliver value beyond the 21st century.The Teachers’ Fortress is a glossy bind 170 pages of potent contents premised on the Wheel of Teaching success. The wheel of teaching success as noted in the book consists of four core value chain components in the learning environment.

Divided into five parts of preambles, teachers, techniques, students and outcome, the book is with lots of examples of teachers who had influenced their students beyond the school environment and whose students had always acknowledge their influences. It tells a story of how Mrs. Musa, a teacher who through her diligence return John back to tracks after the loss of his mother and why the current minister of works, Mr. Babatunde Fashola must have invited his teacher after 38 years were used to inspire teachers to see teaching as a calling and not a mere income generating activity.

The book admonish the teachers to focus on impacting the six core learning skills of critical thinking and problem solving, creativity and imagination, collaboration and communication, citizenship, digital literacy and students leadership and personal development in line with the United Kingdom department for international development (DFID).

To achieve effective learning outcome, the Teachers’ Fortress share various principles of teaching and activities within the learning environment. With the adoption of the UNESCO and the United Kindgom’s teaching standard, the book is a must read for teachers who will want to influence and prepare their students for now and the future. It is a well thought   and lay out inspirational book for teachers and school leaders with relevant pictures and illustrations. Written in simple language, the author mentors teachers through topics like the eight potent forces for effective learning outcome, the nine levels of intelligence in students and a character model for teachers titled the ABC of the teachers’ fortress.The teachers’ fortress is a navigational tools for teaching in their journey to impact. It showcase the impact model of teaching and will make any teacher who dare to read and practice the contents to be a teacher to be much more remembered for years by the students. Using the contents of this book will make the teachers’ wort to affects externity and teachers’ influence on the students will impact our society and the world at large.


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