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May 1, 2017

Delta politician may have died of natural causes – Police

Delta politician may have died of natural causes – Police

Late High Chief Ayomanor

By Paul Olayemi
Sapele – As controversies continue to trail the death of a politician and community leader, Chief Lucky Ayomanor, in Sapele, Delta State, last week, a senior police officer, who claimed to be in the know, has revealed more startling revelations on the possible cause of the Sapele/Okpe High Chief’s death.

Late High Chief Ayomanor

The officer said after the chief was arrested in his SUV, on the way to the police station, “they noticed he was not composed, someone else decided to drive the car. It was while they were driving to the police station that they noticed he was breathing heavily.

“That is why we are saying maybe he was frightened or nervous. Maybe he was already having problem with his health prior to the arrest. The family or wife should know his medical history”

‘He offered bribe’

The cop said the offer of bribe to the police officers was an indication that something was wrong with the chief, a development which prompted the officers to insist on taking him to the police station for further interrogation.

His words: “The late chief was jittery and even offered to bribe the mobile police officers, who accosted him when his SUV was searched and the fully-loaded pump action revolver was found. He offered N200,000 and even upped it to N500,000. But the policemen turned his offer down.

“This group of police officers, who rejected the N200,000 offered by the late chief, were part of the special squad posted to this axis to stem the flow of kidnapping and robbery and I must tell you since they came, all these crimes have dropped drastically.

“I am sure he must have died of natural cause. Let’s not be sentimental or let emotion move us; let us check facts.

“There have been so many assumptions by the public. His family members should be willing to speak the truth and know whether he had health issues, so that we do not make wrong assumptions.”

Why detain officers

On why the four mobile policemen were detained if he was sure of their innocence, the top cop gave various reasons why an officer or an individual could be detained.

He said: “The fact remains that an individual or anybody could be put in custody to douse already growing tension.

“It could also be done because if that person is let loose, he could jeopardize or tamper with evidence. Now, another factor could be to protect that person.

“Such detention is called protective custody. When sanity returns, he could be allowed to go.

“Now, whether the police chose to have those people in custody or not, it is immaterial. What is important is that the case is under investigation. Autopsy is being carried out by experts and we are awaiting the results.”

We saw things in  the mortuary—Youths

However, some youths are still crying foul. One of them, Ese, said it was not true that there was no complicity in chief’s death.

According to Ese, “when we got to the mortuary, we knew what we saw. How will they explain the sand in his belly, around his waist? What about his face that was swollen?

“My brother, let us just wait for the autopsy, then you will know us better. Chief cannot die like that except the result is different.”

Meanwhile, autopsy was conducted on the late chief on Friday afternoon. The autopsy was done by pathologists chosen by his family members, the police and Sapele Central Hospital.

When Vanguard visited the hospital, the late chief’s relatives and friends were standing some distance from the morgue. The result is still eagerly being awaited.