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When a child is teething- common tips you should think twice about

THERE are certain ways relief can be brought to a cranky child who is teething. Here are a few tidbits:
Teething Rings

It would seem that the teething ring is a no-no as some babies who instinctively try to soothe themselves, grab on anything within reach and bite on it. Experts say that biting on hard toys can sometimes damage incoming teeth.

Cold compress
If you have to use a cold compress on your baby’s gum, then it would be more advisable to store soft plastic teething rings in the fridge as this would bring relief to your baby. Using ice cubes on your baby’s gum could cause more harm than good so avoid ice.

Rubbing alcohol on the gum
It would seem the aged old wives tale of rubbing alcohol on a teething babies gum is just that. This remedy has ironically been passed down from one generation to another. But despite what grandma may have told you, you are never to rub alcohol on a baby’s gum as it would seem that even a small amount can sedate a child which is dangerous.

Rubbing your clean finger on your baby’s gum would have the same soothing effect as a wet cloth or teething rings. As it helps him/her gnaw on your finger thereby itching the gum.


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