Though every relationship has its ups and downs, successful couples/lovers have learnt how to manage the bumps and keep their love and sex life going, but what happens when the man suddenly becomes impotent? Find out what our celebrities have to say.

Such a case calls for wise thinking – Belinda Effah, actress

Nkechi, Ijeoma, Mary and Effa

There are two sides to this issue. If we are married with children, I will pray to God believing he will be restored. Moreover, marriage is for better, for worse. But as lovers, I will pray to God to lead me to make the best decision. Such a case calls for wise thinking.

There are many other ways to get my satisfaction

– Nkechi Emmanuel, actress

This is an issue that can mar a relationship especially when not treated maturely. I will stand by my man to solve the problem. We will seek every medical help available to correct the situation because I would want our relationship to regain its fire in the bedroom. I will not be weary of the fact that his impotency will have an adverse effect on his self esteem but I will always try to reassure him of my true love and commitment to the relationship. Also, his condition will lead him to suspecting me but it should be in my place to assure him that nothing will change my love, commitment and devotion to our relationship. Having said all this, I would need my man to satisfy me as well and there are many other ways to get my satisfaction ( I won’t say how because that is our little secret) and it will be his duty to ensure that I get what I deserve in the bedroom.

I can’t risk my sexual satisfaction – Patt Attang, actress, model and vixen

I am an only child, meaning I must have a child of my own. That is to say, I won’t mind other ways of getting pregnant without cheating on my husband. But come to think of it, marriage without sex, I don’t think I can manage that. I can’t risk my sexual satisfaction.

I don’t want to imagine it

– Allwell Ademola, actress and musician

I don’t want to imagine it, God forbid. But if I can love a man enough to marry him, impotence shouldn’t break our home. We will work it out physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Patt, Titi and Ademola

We can enjoy other things in bed without having sex. – Titi Adeoye, actress

This is where the true test of love comes to play. I don’t even want to imagine it but nothing is new under the sun. He would have to undergo treatments in the hospital and I will help him with fasting and serious prayers. But pending the time he would be able to perform again, there are series of things we can enjoy in bed without having sex.

It is nothing to worry about – Mary Adufe, actress

If I have kids, I mean three kids like I have always dreamed of all my life, I will not be bothered about sex nor think of having extra marital affairs. I will ask him to go to the hospital since he wasn’t like that when we met. He could be suffering from one disease or infection which are curable (most times ). In a matter of time, he would surely perform well on bed again. So, it is nothing to worry about.

I don’t know what I would do  -Ijeoma Aniebo , actress and OAP

Impotent? I don’t know what I would do until I find myself in such a situation“.


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