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O’ Allah, bless us in Rajab

By Haroon Balogun

The days, months and years will continue to move according to the dictates of Allah, whether we still exist of not, until the appointed time when everything will cease to be. But Alhamdullilah that we are alive today to witness another month of Rajab.

For so many people, the month of Rajab is a reminder of the fact that Ramadan is just by the corner.  To many others too, it is about time to put finishing touches to your plans for the month of Ramadan.

It is essential for those who have been used to the Mondays and Thursdays fasting to use the month of Rajab to do a pilot test of fasting preparatory to Ramadan.  So, in essence, we see Rajab as not only a time we gain reward for our acts of ibadah, but also a period to test the ground for Ramadan. May Almighty Allah spear our lives beyound Rajab, Shaaban, Ramadan and give us the grace to witness many more years.

Believers, every minute of the day counts as glorious opportunity to make amends where we’ve faltered. After the last Ramadan, a lot of Muslims went back to their shell of docility, of complacency and became very weak spiritually.

From left;Ustaz Murtadoh Adefemi Adeola,Chief Missioner Almardiyyah society Agege Lagos[JAMON];Sheikh Alhaji Ishaq Muh Sanni,Chief Missioner Nuuru Salaam Islamic Foundation of Nigeria;Sheikh Alhaji Abdullateef Adebayo Tihamiy,Chief Missioner Nuurul Yeqeen Islamic society of Nig and Sheikh Alh Abdul Qodri Muh Hashir Opeloyeru,Chief Missioner Nuurul Haqq Islamic Society of Nigeria during the 2017 Maolud Nabiy of Nuurul Haqq Islamic Society of Nigeria held at Irorun Oluwa Mosque, Ifako Ijaiye Lagos State. Photo: Akeem Salau
Holy month of Ramadan

For those who were steadfast during the last month of Rajab to Ramadan and those who were regular in their supplication and dua as well as those who committed substantial part of their wealth to charity during Rajab, Shaaban and Ramadan; it is time to continue and reap even bigger this year.

It is time again to reawaken ourselves to major essence of our living. It is time for repentance, it is time for charity, it is time to intensify supplication and it is time to prepare for the holy month of Ramadan.

The month of Rajab is the month of planting the seed. Shaaban is the month that the seed will grow and bears fruits in Ramadan. So, how are we prepared for the exercise. Although, the fasting in Rajab is not obligatory, but if you do, you will win big for yourself.

If we show respect to only one night properly, and do what we are supposed to do during that month, then Allah (SWT) will remove punishment away from that person for one year. Hear what the Prophet told a very weak man who complained he could not fast in the month of Rajab.

The Prophet said (s.a.w): “Fast during the first day of the month and during the day that comes in the middle of it, and also during the very last day of the month, for then you will be given the same reward as someone who has fasted through the whole of the month, since one good deed is equal in value to ten of the same kind.”

The crimes in our country are so monumental that our government seems helpless. But who will rescue Nigerians from the grip of these vampires; who will deliver us from these orgies of killings by herdsmen, who will save us from the feud between the Presidency and the Senate, and its collateral damage, who will deliver Nigeria from the grip of the cabal? Certainly, it is only Allah that can restructure our destiny, but only when we are in good relationship with Him. Using this month of Rajab, we can wake up, turn around and seek forgiveness. The door of forgiveness is always open. The opportunity is beckoning again and mercy will descend to His servants.

Whatever error you must have committed, turn around and ask Allah, you will be forgiven; Insha Allah. That is one of the reasons the month is referred to as Shahrullah al-Asabb, which is the Bountiful Month of Allah. It conveys that Divine Mercy (Rahmah) will descend more upon His servants during the period, with generous favours and rewards like never before. It is also called Shahrullah al-Asammuh, Uthman, one of the caliphs went onto the pulpit during a Jumat prayer and declared that “Well now this is the ‘Deaf Month of Allah’.”

The reason it was called deaf month of Allah (Shahrullah al-Asamm) was because as soon as the new moon was sighted for Rajab, the Arabs, who were perpetually engaged in feuding with each other, would lay down their arms. As a result, the noise of the clashes of arms and spears would not be heard for the duration of the month.

Spiritual benefits

The issue is not in the name but what we use the period for. How many people know if they will see another Rajab? As believers, you should care less about tomorrow but make your today better and live as though it is your last.

If you let this month fly away just like that like other months, then you may not be able to catch up easily with the spiritual benefits of the next two months. (Shaaban and Ramadan). May Allah make it easy for us. Allahuma Barik lana fi Rajaba, wa Sha‘bana, wa ballig-na Ramadan – O Allah bless us in Rajab and Sha‘ban and let us witness Ramadan. Amin.


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