By Emmanuel Elebeke
Abuja—The General Overseer, Our Sanctuary Gospel Church, Nigeria, Bishop Azogu has said that President Muhammadu Buhari’s Presidency is from heaven and ordained by God.


Bishop Azogu made the revelation during his church service in Lagos on Sunday, which was attended by Ministers from different branches of the church.

He said God gave a revelation that the church should pray consistently for President Buhari to recover from his health challenges, warning that if Buhari dies, Nigeria will be in trouble.

‘‘God in the revelation warned that if Buhari dies, the forces of darkness with ‘black and white banner’ will overrun Nigeria.

‘‘God revealed that a satanic organization will try to take over the reins of government by force but, that the church should pray against it. The spiritual symbol of the satanic group is dragon.

‘‘God has equipped President Buhari to counter the evil forces. If Buhari dies, Nigeria will be in serious trouble,’’ he said.

The primate urged Nigerians to read political parameters through the prism of revelation knowledge from heaven in order to come out with a proper judgment.

Bishop Azogu said he acted like the biblical Jonah by giving his support to former President Jonathan when God told his church that he was behind the emergence of Buhari in the 2015 Presidential poll.

Bishop Azogu told his congregation in Lagos that God has commissioned his church to pray for the full recovery of President Buhari in view of the prophecy they received during church service.

He said the word of God is supreme and overrides any other consideration urging Nigerians of goodwill to pray for and give unqualified support to President Buhari.

The Bishop however, advised the President to immediately terminate ongoing prosecution against the Senate President, Bukola Saraki and work closely with the leadership of the National Assembly, irrespective of political party divides to move Nigeria forward.

For him,  Nigeria cannot function in isolation while the rest of the world is moving at the pace of technological breakthroughs.

‘‘The ongoing prosecution of Saraki does not portray Nigeria in good light and does not reflect genuine fight against graft in the eyes of enlightened Nigerians.

‘‘Nigerians will benefit more when the Presidency and the leadership of the National Assembly work cooperatively together in a transparent manner to fix the economy.’’

On the anti-graft war, the Cleric said the present administration should be seen to be above board and prosecuted across political party divides.

This he said is the only way Nigerians of all climes will give unqualified support to the war against graft.

Buhari is filling a critical gap in the Nigerian project and God in his infinite mercy has given us the revelation so that we stop groping in the dark and making all sorts of comments and do the right thing by supporting his policies and proffering solutions in areas that are perceived to be outrightly deficient.

Buhari is a saviour and like other saviours across history, he is being persecuted by those who are feeling uncomfortable with the President’s anti-graft war.

‘ President Buhari should also ensure that his close aides at the Presidency are God-fearing and patriotic Nigerians who will transparently and resolutely key into his anti-corruption war,’’ he said.




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