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Bearing false witness is haram

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Making false statment or bearing false witness is a sin before Allah. Quite a lot of people had lost their rights and position because of false witness. Several innocent people have been unjustly treated while the sinners gained where they did not deserve. It is not uncommon to find those who are ready to destroy the truth, bear false statements for a paltry sum of money or position or gain social or political status.

‘Abd al-Rahmaan ibn Abi Bakrah (may Allaah be pleased with him and his father) reported that his father said: “We were with the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) when he said: ‘I fear for you three major sins’ – three times: ‘associating partners with Allah, disobedience to parents, and -’ – he was reclining but he sat up at this point and said: ‘ – and bearing false witness.’ He kept repeating this with such fervour that we wished he would stop (for his own sake).” (Reported by al-Bukhaari, see al-Fath, 5/261).

An example of the ways in which people take this matter lightly is what sometimes happens in the courts, when a person might say to someone he has only just met, “Testify for me and I will testify for you.” So one might testify for the other in a case where he does not have the necessary knowledge of what really happened, like testifying that this person owns a piece of land or a house, or recommending him when he has never seen him before that day in court. This is lying and false witness, whereas testimony should be as described in the Book of Allaah: “. . . we testify not except according to what we know . . .” [Yoosuf 12:81]



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