By Tabia Princewill

IT should have occurred to anyone watching him on television recently that very little is said of the Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki’s trial. Will it ever be concluded or do only the poor and defenceless deserve swift prosecution?

Ali Ndume, former Leader of the Senate, himself a victim of certain machinations (thus explaining perhaps his motivation to speak out), stated that if one can be refused a job based on unproven allegations then Bukola Saraki shouldn’t be Senate president, after all, his case is actually in court, unlike Magu who has only been faced with allegations so far.

Political naiveté

Ndume said: “we have all been accused, I have been accused of sponsoring Boko Haram, the Senate president is still going to court, same as other members who have cases in court, yet they occupy seats in the senate”. He added that he was sure the President hadn’t lobbied the Senate president or the Speaker to make sure Magu was confirmed.

Senator, Ali Ndume,

This must haunt All Progressives Congress (APC) stalwarts. The Buhari administration’s political naiveté which allowed such important positions to slip from its grasp (to the extent that the Deputy Senate president is a member of the opposition – unheard of!) has already been commented upon.

Ndume went on to say “the issue now is not the house in his (Magu’s) name, it’s a house called the safe house and that was prompted because after his acting appointment and the rigorous work he is doing, you can’t afford to have somebody like that living in Karu or a densely populated area.”

If it is known or has been proven that contrary to the allegation, Ibrahim Magu has not fraudulently obtained property in his name, what exactly was the reason for refusing to confirm him? Nigerians must be vigilant. A war is being fought and we are only spectators yet our lives and the continued existence of our country depends on it. We must ask ourselves, how much more can we take? We must be wary of being manipulated by strange forces who do not wish this country and its people well.

As for Magu’s performance on the Senate floor, there have been many comments on social media expressing disappointment in regards to his eloquence. Many of those who speak the Queen’s English or attended the best schools abroad have proven to be rogues and thugs just like their “home-grown” counterparts.

An accent doesn’t make a good prosecutor. What we need are convictions, for looted funds to be returned, not fake airs and graces which lead nowhere. I’m often surprised by the things that elicit comment in Nigeria.

We are okay with governors who act like motor park touts so long as we feel their largesse but it is humble speech from those who mean well that disturbs us. The irony should make us tremble with shame and disgust for ourselves.


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