February 6, 2017

Improving farming business: Notore provides tools to boost farming business

Improving farming business: Notore provides tools to boost farming business

A farmer cultivating

By Emeka Aginam

While Nigerians rely on agriculture for their livelihood, Africa’s leading fertiliser firm, Notore, is on a mission to give these farmers the knowledge they need.

Notore has constantly strived to give farmers the tools they needed to improve their businesses and has set up 400 Agricultural Learning Centres throughout the country.

Before now, the company’s tailor-made educational outreach programmes teach farmers ways to boost their productivity, so they can produce more crops and improve their market share.

Highly skilled extension, workers, according to the company lead the courses and help familiarise Nigerian farmers with innovative techniques, which they can use to maximise premium crop yields on their lands.

Notore cultivated the techniques taught in its Agricultural Learning Centres with domestic and global partners.

They integrated the best practices developed in Nigeria, with those which govern global agriculture, to produce an educational syllabus which specifically fits the needs of the farmers.

Speaking on how best to boost farming activities across the country, the Chief Executive Officer of Notore, Onajite Okoloko, said: “Our Agricultural Learning Centres have transformed Nigeria’s farming sector. They have shown farmers how they can use Notore’s Premium Fertilizer and Improved Seeds to double, or even triple, their yield in a single planting season.

“Through these educational programmes, Nigeria’s farmers can now generate enough high quality crops to produce new revenue flows. Not only does this enable many farmers to secure financial independence, but also to contribute to the prosperity of their local communities, by unlocking the enormous wealth potential of agriculture that can be found in Nigeria’s rural areas.”