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The governing laws of life (5), the law of persistence


“Your ability to persist in the face of setbacks and disappointments is your measure of your belief in yourself and your ability to succeed”.

In the race of life, the winner may not be the smartest, neither the most talented nor skillful. There is no surer way to lay hold on the prize than through the path of persistence. Down through the pages of history there is a common denominator found among successful people; the will to keep trying when others gave up. In the path of least persistence is where the crumbs are found. But life may not hand over to you her vault of valuables, until it has proved that your commitment is not wavered by the discouragements that are strewn along life’s pathway.

The reward of persistence is not for those who have a “short cut” mentality. But it is reserved for those who tenaciously hold on until the experience their quantum leap. Purpose and passion backed up with definite plan harmonizes to equip your will with the stamina that fashions persistence. John Hagee significantly states, “Many of life’s failures are individuals who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up”.

Philip Reis nearly could have imprinted his name on the document of destiny by inventing the telephone, if he hadn’t given up. Reis was ignorant of the fact that if he had turned one screw one quarter of a turn, he would have transformed interrupted current into continuous current but he gave up too soon.

Alexander Graham Bell took up where Reis had stopped and succeeded in the invention of the telephone. Philip Reis sued Bell for claiming the invention of the telephone. But the United States Supreme Court gave their judgment “Reis never thought of it, and he failed to transmit speech telegraphy. Bell did, and he succeeded. Under such circumstances it is impossible to hold that what Reis did was an anticipation of the discovery of Bell. To follow Reis is to fail, but to follow Bell is to succeed. Philip Reis could not persist through to succeed but quitted. And he forfeited his name on the pages of history. But Alexander Graham Bell took up the challenge and laid hold on the crown.


“Persistence is your determination to stay at it until you win at it”.

In a bid to break open a giant boulder, a stone cutter makes use of a big hammer to hit the boulder with his whole strength. On the 1st hit, the boulder remains intact. He goes ahead to hit the boulder consistently for about 300 times yet there is not a single crack. But the stone cutter knows better, despite that there is nothing evident to show for his effort. He ignores the ridicule of others and persistently keeps hitting the boulder.

The stone cutter understands that each hit on the boulder mounts pressure and weakens the boulder though there is no outward proof. He keeps on hitting the stone with perspiration, then may be on the 800th hit or more the stone splits in two. The last hit did not solely make the stone split, but rather the accumulation of all the hits. Therefore, each hit was important.

Consequently, every challenge of life gives way when right and wise actions accumulated over a period of time through persistence is applied on it. The pressure mounted on the challenge paves way for the outflow of success. Therefore, your willingness to keep trying is your success guarantee.



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