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DELSUTH MPCS leadership: A template for co-operative society in Nigeria

By Kparobo M. Ehvwubare

RIGHT from the advent of Augustine Efe Oyibo’s administration as the Chairman of Delta State University Teaching Hospital Staff Multipurpose Co-operative society, Oghara for the past one year. Media reports on the institution staff welfare have taken multifarious dimensions. His leadership model has not only saturated the airwaves, but also filled the volumes of newspapers and magazines.

The different shades of media opinion on the developmental strides of DELSUTH MPCS President are correct of his good intention towards members’ welfare to making both ends meet despite the paucity of funds coming into the cooperative at this time, coupled with the nation’s current economic recession.

Comrade Oyibo and his Executive have sired sterling and tangible achievements to members through the proposed building of housing estate, hotel & suites, construction of water bottling plant, fish farm, poultry, building of Creche/nursery school and oil palm mill which members would enjoy, transferring same for the improvement of members welfare at a very low profit rate accruing to the co-operative.

Reference point to future leaders

This was adjudged to be first of its kind in the history of cooperatives in the State; this moving spirit is only the reference point to future leaders and generations, which no doubt Comr. Oyibo who is also into active unionism would be remembered for.

The whole of what represents the institution has been dotted with arresting architectural magnum-opus with all aspects of members’ need being met and reinvigorated in a most unprecedented manner.

The list of achievements under Oyibo and his executive are so phenomenal. Development and enhancement of members welfare is spell-binding, while all co-operators under the present administration would boast of house, cars and other property of theirs, leading to a comfortable life, which every civil servant desires during and after retirement; courtesy of this single individual and co-operation enjoyed from his ebullient executive Life would be injected into co-operators as the cooperative has designed training programs to boost their earning through agro-allied ventures.

The insecurity in the area was rigorously fought by Hon. Solomon Golley, the Council boss of the Ethiope west to encourage the co-operatives investment are safe. The executive of the DELSUTH MPCS has also taken measures to compliment the successes being recorded through beefing up security agencies in and around the co-operative investments.

The election that brought in this administration, under Comr. Oyibo headship was first of its kind, which was keenly contested among co-operators. The event provided auspicious opportunity for co-operators appraisal of the enigmatic personality of Comrade Oyibo and his formidable management committee.

Despite the giant strides of this icon, one challenge confronting the DELSUTH co-operative is finance. Cooperators were optimistic that if the co-operative deductions are released, they will go a long way in assisting co-operators to acquire more needs begging for attention; that would drastically reduce financial burden cooperators go through.

He has shown so much prowessness, in tackling these and other challenges associated with cooperative societies of this magnitude with membership ranging from Professors, accountants, lawyers, Doctors, Nurses, administrators; to mention but a few.

Comr. Oyibo, a registered member of chartered institute of Administration, holds a Bachelor of Science degree and Masters in Business administration, he hails from Ejemuoyavwe-Oghara, the hometown of former governor, James Ibori, born into a humble family.

Respect for diligence and self discipline

The hallmark of his personality is high respect for diligence and self discipline that has gradually crept into the bandwagon of famous entrepreneurs/managers.

It is wholly believed by all that hundreds of millions of the co-operative confers are invested wisely on members to achieve their goals, making both ends meet with the perennial bills of members to be met expeditiously.

With Comr. Oyibo, at the helm of affairs of DELSUTH mpcs, there is no doubt that he belongs to new and emerging brigade of Nigerians who are prudent in using cooperative resources to empower members who are in need of fund for emergency and cogent reason, which is the apogee of classical entrepreneurial principle.

DELSUTH mpcs in the period of barely five years of existence has an overlapping history of Chairmen who would be remembered differently. The result of their co-operation is what contributed to the success story and recognition of DELSUTH mpcs at the State and the country at large. Co-operators have also spoken, and their ratings are not different. With goodwill, none of them amounts to discrimination, let alone persecution.

For his colleagues, it is not how successful, but how effectively successful is what ranks Oyibo’s administration as one of the best co-operative society in Delta State.

Under the leadership of Comrade Oyibo and his formidable management committee, it seems the society, been uniquely licensed on the details of delivery.

  • Kparobo M. Ehvwubare, a journalist, wrote in from Oghara, Delta State.


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