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Searching for a Muslim partner?

Profile 81: A Muslim female, 30, Southerner desires a Muslim male between 33-37 years of age. He must be literate and ready for marriage.

Profile 82: A male Muslim, 44, from Osun State, genotype AS, fair complexioned wants a female Muslim between 28 to 35 years for marriage. She must be fair complexioned with genotype AA.

Profile 83: A 27-year-old female Muslim, based in Akure, employedwith genotype AA is seeking a practising Muslim male between 29-33 years of age as husband. He must be gainfully employed or financially ready.

Profile 84: A Muslim man, civil servant based in Osun state; divorced with a son; needs a muslim lady for marriage. She must not be more than 30 years of age, employed and ready for marriage.

Profile 85: Muslim male, 28, based in Ibadan working as teacher, desires a Muslim lady who is ready for marriage. she must be literate, based in Ibadan, must be a graduate, between 22-24years of age and AA genotype. Ready for marriage.

Profile 86: A yoruba female muslim 21yrs, based in Makurdi, needs a Muslim male from South West between 25-30yrs for marriage.

Profile 87: A Muslim male, 31 years, an engineer with Federal Agency based in Osun State, wants a Muslim lady between 21-29 years of age for marriage. She must be a professional graduate, such as lawyer, doctor, pharmacist, or nurse from Edo, Kogi or South Western part of the country.

Profile 88: A Muslim male, 31 years, from South West, unemployed graduate, wants a Muslim soul-mate between the ages of 25-27years of age for marriage.

Profile 73: An IT/Telecomms Engineer, , 32 years of age, wants a Mulsim lady between 25-30 years of age fro marriage. She must be employed from any part of South West, Nigeria.A Muslim man with knowlege of the Quran and Hadiths from Kogi State wants a Muslim lady preferably from the North Central country between the age 0f 40-42 for marriage.

Profile 89: A Muslim male, 33, single, employed wants to marry a lady between 25-33 years of age. She must be a graduate and employed.

Profile 90: A Muslim female, 25, lawyer from Kogi State, needs a Professional Muslim male from any part of the country as husband. Genotype must be AA and between 33-35 years of age.

Profile 91: A Muslim male, from Osun State, 43 searching for a Muslim lady between 20-35 as second wife, preferably from the South West.


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