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Obama, Nimrod and same sex marriage

IN today’s world, many Christians would easily forget the basis of their faith and even throw in the towel at the slightest challenge or opposition.  As ambassadors of Christ, we must have the mind of Christ the Bible enjoins us to do. We must be ready to defend and  if possible die for what we stand for. Jesus is a practical good example of what it means to be an ambassador. He was and still is his Father’s Ambassador.

Jesus was sent by the Father to redeem humanity. His assignment was to reconcile humanity to their creator. He came to the earth with that singular objective, ready to preach the message of salvation, defend it with his life. He faced several temptations to abandon the Father’s mission and to go for human recognition and honour. Even Satan offered Jesus everything [the whole glory of creation] if only he could bow and worship him. But Jesus knew the needed arsenal to defeat Satan. ‘It is written, thou shall worship only the Lord thy God’.

In history ,we find how God has raised many leaders for himself. Unfortunately, many of these leaders for reasons of personal aggrandizements or fear of man have disappointed God and suffered the consequences thereof. It flows from Adam who was to keep and protect the earth for God from a likely intruder – the enemy of God. Adam ate the forbidden fruit for temporary pleasure. Nimrod in his case began to build the tower of babel, the first institution of democratic universalism. Regrettably, Nimrod whom the bible described as a great hunter before the Lord was a dark skin man ‘called black man’. Nimrod was anointed by God to unite humanity for the worship of God. He however, decided to do the contrary which you would call in modern day parlance ‘democratic universalism’ . Tower of babel or democratic universalism means ‘Keep God out of it’.

Many  theologians or bible historians may not have noticed that God began to use black man long ago. God does not discriminate, He created all men, in beginning there was no colour barrier until men began to migrate to different parts of the earth and started exposing themselves to harsh climatic conditions, some ignoramus who find themselves in fairer weather conditions with fairer colour of skin see it as opportunity to claim superiority over others. God is fair to all human beings; none is superior or inferior to the other.

Consider the human brain and the human blood, there is no colour barrier. From Africa, you can donate blood to a dying man in America or in the United Kingdom and if the blood is compatible, the receiver will live again. The compatibility of the blood has nothing to do with the colour of skin of both the donor and the receiver.

All through history there have been several human orchestrations and manipulations to dominate, subjugate and even control others but what is important here is about what you know. This is because anybody can control you if he knows what you do not know. The control of any individual or nation by another is a function of what you know or what you do not know.

That brings me to the conversation between Job of the bible and his friends who came from far countries to visit him after the calamity that had befallen him. Job’s friend though appeared to be sympathetic of his troubles but their error was trying to accuse him of having sinned against God and by implication trying to make Job look inferior so that they could control him. Interestingly, Job was smart in this matter. He responded to them thus: ‘But I have understanding as well as you; I am not inferior to you’. That’s a classic example of this human control mechanism which has always played out in every human endeavour. If anybody can get you to feel inferior about yourself, certainly, he can control you. I suppose that is why God prepared Obama for American leadership.

Obama is one African – American with such a rare opportunity of leading the great American nation for eight years. Unfortunately, he did not see this  God- given opportunity and the need to use it for God’s glory, instead he began to build another Tower of Babel in the name of ‘Same sex marriage’. What could Obama have  lost if he was quiet over the same sex agenda, did not endorse,   sold and promoted it to the rest of the world?

Perhaps, Obama thought that the decision would earn him and his democratic party a political advantage. How myopic the Obamas and Clintons are. How many are those on the side of devil in America? I guess they are likely, less than one percent of the American population. Obama relegated the strongest of the political force in America – the Church of Jesus Christ to the background and was defending the indefensible.

The Church persecuted by Obama was the deciding factor in recently concluded American elections. Obama was persecuting the Church for refusing to wed man and man as husband and wife or woman and woman as husband and wife in the name of Human rights. Animals have not debased themselves to the level of legalising same sex marriage but America and her allies have. Do we call this civilisation or reversed civilisation. Even in primitive days, this did not take place. Obama in trying to defend his tower of babel said, he has no regret in his government policy, on gays rights, even when he fought with everything at his disposal to get Hillary Clinton succeed him and failed woefully. Welcome Trump! Go ahead and reverse all reversible. God must return to America and in every American public institution for America to regain her lost glory  Congratulations Americans. It is time for you to rebuild your nation and God will help you to do so. Barrack Obama missed the great opportunity to bring praise to God and it is all over.

Dr.   Martins  Iwuanyanwu, founder, Leadership Watch , wrote from Lagos.


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