By Josef Omorotionmwan
BEGINNING from this New Year, we shall bring your way, at least occasionally, some reactions of our esteemed readers. You will also be adding value to this Column by adding your voice from time to time. We can be reached on E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]; and phone +2348036608970 (restricted strictly to text messages).

Here are some feedbacks to our last week’s article titled “Still Planning to Fail?”

  1. Hon. Justice Roland I. Amaize (Rtd) Benin City, Edo State

I commend your write-up captioned “Still Planning to Fail?

Yes, in the US “if the party is successful, the candidate and his team migrate into government; and if unsuccessful, they would retreat and form the nucleus of their next campaign….” Well put.

In addition to the unsuccessful party forming the nucleus of their next campaign as you have rightly pointed out,  they also form the nucleus of formidable opposition to positively monitor and shape the direction of governance by the party in power for the overall benefits of the American people, thus underscoring the point that to both the party in power and the one in opposition, governance is taken very seriously out there but not in our own clime where losers would rather empty themselves into the winning party, so-called. There lies the tragedy of our nation.

Indeed, about our country, the battle is between the opportunists who do not wish the country well – those who believe they tower above her; and those who genuinely love her in the firm belief that she comes first in everything, with their personal interests yielding place to the nation’s paramountcy.

The joy is that by divine arrangement, no situation lasts forever. And sooner than later, the opportunists will be swept into the abyss in order to let our country be.

  1. Barr. Samuel Iroh, Abudu – Edo State

As usual, the current piece titled “Still Planning to Fail?” is highly illuminating. For the obvious reason of space constraint, no one would have expected you to go full circle in a single article, hence the Judicial branch of government did not come up for mention. That branch does not deserve any clean bill.

However, juxtaposed with your previous write-ups, it is also clear that the greatest culprits in planning for failure in our country are to be found in the Judiciary. Let no one be deceived. All those rigmarole, delays and offensive adjournments in our courts are for the pecuniary benefits of Judges.

Thanks for this crusade you have embarked upon. Please don’t be tired. Some of us get full satisfaction from genuine people like you.

3.Mr. Otasowie Uwaifo, Oghada, Uhunmwode LGA, Edo State

There could not have been a better time than now to draw the nation’s attention, particularly the Executive and the Legislative arms of government, to a fundamental issue as germane as the nation’s Budget, which should provide the framework for developmental projects; yet, treated ritualistically year-in, year-out, without a definite time-frame. If it takes six months into the New Year, what result would government actually expect?

Anyhow, a follower of Mr. Omorotiomwan’s column would observe that “Still Planning to Fail” is just one of his numerous write-ups also drawing the nation’s attention to lapses in so many areas. Therefore, our leaders should listen to the voices of descent and do what is right, reasonable and appropriate.

  1. +34631168073 (Daniel Omodolor, Vic, Spain)

“Still Planning to Fail” is another technical knockout. From time, it has been known that planlessness, clumsiness, inconsistencies, policy summersault, all rolled into brute corruption, are the bane of Nigerian administrations. Who will cure them?

Sir, keep up the good work, “THE HUB” in The Vanguard makes the week too long for those of us here as we look forward to reading you every Thursday. When are you going to put the articles in book form? We can’t wait!

  1. +2348108431358

You were very fair in bringing to the fore the ineptitude of both arms of government. Again, you are right that the NPN and UPN had identifiable programmes. What can anyone say about the PDP and APC? You already have the answer: they are still planning to fail!

  1. Barr. Joseph Igbinedion (Former HOD, Mass Communications, Auchi Polytechnic; Former Head of Public Affairs, WAEC Headquarters, Accra, Ghana; and Former Editor with the United Nations, etc., currently resident in Abuja, Nigeria).

 Hon. Josef Omorotionmwan’s latest article, “Still Planning To Fail?”, like most of his articles before that, dealt with real issues of national development and governance. The summary of the latest article is: “Failing to plan is planning to fail”.

It appears as if the policy of the various governments in the country is to try as much as possible to hide the contents of the annual budgets from the people.

For instance, in the power sector, you keep hearing about the rise and fall of megawatts and the selling and buying of power plants. But all you get is darkness — as it was twenty years ago.

People are elected into  office and they take on the toga of sole administrator for as long as they want. We copy the worst part of the presidential system of the United States of America but expect the best outcome. This will not work. That is why someone observed long ago that Nigeria wanted to become like America but ended up becoming like Mexico.

Sometimes you wonder whether many of the things you  see are really happening. It is like the theatre of the absurd — without direction.

We must embark on real introspection to determine what is holding us back as a nation. Implementing many of the obvious and implied recommendations in the various articles by Hon. Omorotionmwan, will be a good beginning!


These reactions are encouraging. But even more important than the best feedbacks is the people’s response. The time has come for us all to put on the toga of patriotism and morality. After all, Nigeria remains the only country we can call our own.



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