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Bamgbelu’s new book addresses issue of racism


Racism, judicial denial and the reminiscence of slave trade were some of the issues that characterised the British judicial system as it negatively affected non Caucasians, domiciled in England.  These are based on the judgment of men based on skin colour by the British, all these and many others are the focal point in this book titled: ‘Mediocre Great England’.

The 582 page book written by Yinka Bamgbelu from the coffers of Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency, in 2015, x-rays the high level of  mediocrity and  prejudice in the implementation of several policies in England.

The entire book is a letter written by a dentist, who is also the author of the book,  to Dr Anand Kamath, a 42-year-old dentist who committed suicide, presumably frustrated, felt bullied and harassed by the investigations into his record-keeping,which had issues, because of the amount of patients he treated.

The letter narrated how the late dentist and his dentist wife had treated 10,000 patients- four times that of the average practice,which led to him being summoned  to the National Health Service (NHS), the public health services of England, Scotland and Wales.

Mediocre Great England; Yinka Bamgbelu Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency, US, 2015; PP.582

At a point  Anand and his wife were each treating as many as 50 people a day. The fear of being removed as a practitioner was too much for Anand to bear and he took his own life days after NHS sent him warning letter  that he could be reported to the General  Dental Council.

The trajectory of the letter also sheds several light about the  British system which the author alleged was prejudice, which also forced him to retire prematurely.

The author, Yinka Bamgbelu, also brings spirituality in his perspective about the British people by writing that mediocrity, negrophobia and dishonesty will always thrive in a jurisdictions where satanic network rules.

Dr Bamgbelu, a Nigerian, who has practiced dentistry in England for over a decade alleged that the NHS also forged reports against him which he sees as perceived hatred.

Bamgbelu then delved into the ancestral origin of the British in the book, noting that the genetics that made them slave masters was also responsible for their present behaviour of being racist.

In the book, the author named several British Caucasians that conspired to frustrate him as well as other non caucasians by stating that an English barrister that was appointed and instructed by the Medical Protection Society, lied, on oath.

The words and sentences used in the book were carefully selected to enunciate a man who is pained and bitter about his experience.

Sentences in the book like: “It is actual fact and absolute truth that Nicholas Peacock, English barrister that was appointed and instructed by the Medical Protection Society, lied, on oath.   It is actual fact and absolute truth that Andrew Hurst, English barrister that was appointed by the council (GDC) unrelentingly lied, on oath”.

The author went further in the book: “It is fact David Swinstead, English barrister, unrelentingly lied, on oath. A very dull, dishonest, idol worshipper adorns himself with high title (Director), he then becomes a satanic tool. Resh Diu, dentist, unrelentingly lied. The greedy and crooked idol worshipper was the informer of morons”.

“The greedy idol worshipper was playing well-born, born fools like chess. Only days after interim suspension, the greedy idol worshipper wanted to buy my practice. He must know something.”

The book also sheds light on how the proceeds of kidnapping, stealing, carrying and selling millions of stolen Africans around 1700 AD, was used by the English to save the ancestors of several British people running the government but with very low intelligent quotient. Abolition Act entered the statute book in 1807. Slave trade did not end until 1888.

The book also deviated in another spectrum by noting that the advancement of information technology is immortal, and it will continue to shrink the world, whereby the kids in Africa, including in Niger Area will know almost everything about their colonial masters, the slave masters of their grannies and they will continue to wonder why white British, Dr Kevin Atkinson’s children who aren’t cleverer themselves intellectually and are not exceedingly, natural resources rich are considerably richer.


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