By Funmi Komolafe
It’s another day of joy.   I have good news for you.

That challenge that has been causing you to weep silently is about to turn to joy. Believe it. You are about to be celebrated in the name of Jesus.

Gradually, the year is winding down.     Let’s have some moments of reflection.   First, is that you are still alive; therefore, you must glorify God.   Many with whom we started this year are either dead or     have been victims of kidnappers, armed robbers, hired assassins or victims of accidents and have become bedridden. May the Lord comfort all those in any of these conditions.

Even if you experienced any of these, the Lord gave you victory over all these challenges and you are free     and alive today.

Did you lose a job?   This is painful but sometimes it could be God’s step to   promote you by giving you a better job.

Whatever it is, give God all the glory. You didn’t have to beg for food or clothes .   What more should I say?   I can only say Praise be to God.

Brethren, sit back and reflect deeper and you will be full of praises to God Almighty for His mercies.

No wonder the Psalmist wrote in Psalm 107 vs. 31 “Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men”.

This edition of Joyful Homes     is a deviation from our usual focus.   Today, I am led   to   discuss the root causes of many of our challenges and possible ways of getting out of them.   More importantly, it is to warn against vengeance.

For those of us in African settings, the root cause of our problems     some of which are generational can be traced to polygamy.     Many reputable men of God have spoken about this.     Why?   It is simply because     polygamy is a life of     needless competition and bitter struggles.   These struggles;   are enhanced by demonic forces contacted through herbalists, witchcraft spirit and other such evil forces.

As usual, I will share with you, an example and this is a true   life story.

A   brilliant boy from a polygamous home was doing so well in his studies.   At this time, he was in the secondary school.   He was so brilliant that the school   made him head boy.   A few days to the commencement of his final exams; the West African School Certificate exams, this boy suddenly went berserk.   I mean he   got mentally derailed and was taken   to a psychiatric hospital.   The enemy had truncated his destiny.   As the parents and the school began to run around, it was discovered that the boy’s sudden mental     instability was the handwork of his stepmother who had vowed that   the boy would not make it in life. The boy got healed eventually but by this time, his mates had left him behind.

If you are still thinking it can’t be true, let me share with you   another story.

In another polygamous home,   a step mother   identified a particular son of her rival  as being confrontational to her. The husband knew this and he tried to protect his son. The boy decided to travel to the United States of America to pursue a career. On the day he was travelling, father, mother and son made it a family secret. He was seen off at the airport.

On getting to America, the boy called back to inform his father that the pilot said they narrowly missed a plane crash.   As if that wasn’t enough, he slept and woke up to find under his bed, a six-foot snake .   This happened in America but God kept this boy alive.   Until suddenly, the family lost contact with him and to date he has not been found.

At home, the step mother had vowed that   the day this boy returns home that is the day, she would leave the man’s home.

Brethren, she said it loud and clear to the hearing of people.

She may have had her way over this child but God     had the last say.   This malevolent step mother,   was so hungry in her last days, that   it was the siblings   of this missing boy that were supporting   her financially and even organized her burial. Whenever, her rival’s son returns, she won’t be alive to witness it.

What is   the point I am making?   The   siblings of the missing boy   (who now should be a man) believe that one day, the missing man will be found .

More importantly, they refused to take revenge.

The bitterness in   a polygamous home and its effects on innocent children is one of     the reasons; men of God speak against it.   Don’t   believe   that   families engage in bitter struggles because they are not rich.

Far from it.    As a matter of fact, the richer the family,   the more the intensity of the bitter struggle.

In order to avoid this, Christians   are advised to pray before   choosing a marriage partner.   Truth is,   a joyful home   comes with some sacrifice.   Hardly will you find everything you need in your life partner .   Therefore , you must learn to endure   and commit your   ways to the Lord.

We shall over come-   I have mentioned these cases just to make some points but the good news is that we shall over come in the name of Jesus.

Let’s consider 2nd Chronicles 32 vs.7 &8 .   “ Be strong and courageous, be not afraid     nor dismayed for the King of Assyria, nor for all the multitude   that is with him: for there be more with us than with   him.   With him is the arm of flesh; but with us is the LORD our God to help us, and to fight   our battles “.

It was the story of the war of   the Assyrians against the children of Israel under King Hezekiah.   The Assyrians were stronger and better equipped to fight wars but eventually, the Israelites defeated them.

Whatever challenge you may have, whoever may be oppressing you, hold on to God.   Do not fight for your self.     Desist from taking revenge.

If the step mother I mentioned earlier ever knew that she would depend on the children of her rival     to survive in her last last days, she probably would not have taken the evil steps she took.

Are you being oppressed by someone? Look unto God. When He fights for you, victory is certain.

How to overcome-   First, you need to admit that there is a challenge.   I pray that the Lord will open your Spiritual eyes to identify the challenge in the name of Jesus.

Once the challenge is identified, study the word of God; the Holy Bible     and find passages that   relate to that challenge and use as your prayer point.

For instance a woman who regularly suffers miscarriage should refer to Exodus 23 vs. 26 ( Holy Bible, New International Version)   “ None will miscarry   or be barren   in your land, I will give you a full   life span”.

In addition, sow seeds into the life of   the less privileged.   Give to orphanages,   orphans, give to widows. Sow seeds in the house of God     and you will be surprised how the Lord will reward you openly.

Your   situation will turn around and you shall rejoice in Jesus name.

Testimony– As usual, I will not end this article without sharing a testimony. Why? This is essentially because it lifts up our faith. It gives us hope.

The children in a   family gave this testimony published in Redemption Testimonies; a publication of RCCG.  “Things went rough for our daddy financially when he was duped and his container was seized.   We ( children) came to pray with out mum that God should release the container and He did.   The business is now picking up”.

Brethren, God is our breadwinner.   Whatever the nation’s economy might be going through, He is able to provide for His own.   It could even be your time of prosperity.

In the name of Jesus you will never   experience poverty .

I’ll end     with these words of Pastor Peter Olawale, Assistant General Overseer to Pastor Adeboye on prayer   “The Lord will   show you His intention, calm all your tension and put all your enemies in detention”.

Expect a turn around in Jesus name.


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