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The office of a Bishop: The big misunderstanding


Evangelist Gabriel Mete in this 125-page book, The Office of a Bishop, X-rays the level of decadence the Nigerian 21st century church has slumped into.

He lashed out at some clergies who now want to add the title of the Most High God to their names, ride in the latest cars or jets, just to project their ego. According to MOG as he is popularly called, the love of money (1 John 2: 15-20) has blinded their spiritual foresight and as such are less concerned about the perishing souls.

The new meaning and craze for titles in the church has given birth to such funny titles such as His Holiness, Archbishop, Most Senior Apostle, Superior Apostle, Bishop, Rev. Dr (JP) and others too numerous to mention. He explained that God only recognises the five-fold ministry of Apostle, Pastor, Teacher, Evangelist and Prophet and wonders why pastors will demote themselves to the level of deacons or brothers. He said a bishop in the bible or a deacon or an elder was just a committed Christian brother who was appointed or ordained in a local church to help in conducting church activities when the pastor is not around.

In fact, most pastors, prophets, Rev. Drs, bishops, and archbishops of today are not even qualified to be called the brothers of those days.

The come-as-you-are syndrome in today’s church has given rise to importation of religious titles and immoral foreign cultures like non covering of hair, ladies putting on trousers and dressing half naked, painting and make ups, titanic earrings,  in place of our better home culture

People now want to answer pastors, prophets, bishops, Rev. Drs, Archbishops not because they want to gather and prepare souls for heaven but because they want to buiId earthIy empires. If the pastors who are laying the faulty foundations are morally and spiritually sick, Christianity will remain a shadow of what it ought to be.

It is sickening that people  have to pay through their noses to acquire the title of a bishop. While men in the church are enjoined not to cover their heads in the church, bishops cover their heads with  caps with costly chains. What a double standard!

Mete  advises those who have been deceived into taking the title to retrace their footsteps and repent while calling on other ministers of God to focus on their calling as titles will never add any anointing to their ministries.




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