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Barka Jumah: Love one another

We need, by unconditional and all necessary means, to love one another. We must also by the truest faith live up to the estate of man, and ever do good works that alleviate the harsher misery of this world. Let us now and forever, do more for one another.

As you strive hard to fulfill good and righteous deeds that honour Allah, be assured that you have also eased the privation that taunt humanity and thus gained for your person and family Allah’s greatest pleasure of peace and His infinite blessings. Happy Jumaat!   —Adewale Adeeyo, OON


Islamic foundation walks for healthy living

An organ of The Muslim Congress (TMC), Human Concern Foundation International (HCFI), recently took hundreds of its members on a walk for healthy living on the streets of Lagos.

The walk which started from Jibowu under bridge to Maryland and back to Jibowu between 7 and 9:30am was aimed at campaigning against obesity and other non-communicable diseases. The men clad in a customised T-shirts display different messages such as “Walk for life, avoid obesity,” “Keep fit,” “Stay healthy,” and “health is wealth,” among others.

The Muslim Congress (TMC) president, Dr Luqman AbdurRaheem, said Islam supports healthy living.

AbdurRaheem, a senior lecturer at the Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH), described Prophet Muhammad as a sports man. “Our prophet encourages Muslims to be healthy. He said Allah loves Muslims who are healthy. If you are healthy, regular acts of worship will be easier,” he said.

AbdurRaheem enjoined Muslims to participate in community activities.

HCFI Director Dr Ibrahim Oreagba described exercise as key to well-being.  According to him, regular exercise prevents non-communicable diseases like cancer, obesity and hypertension.

“Regular exercise will increase the quality of our lives. Whoever does it regularly won’t be visiting hospital from time to time. Also, it strengthens one’s heart, which is the most fundamental part of our body. We all know that the body is practically dead once the heart is not functioning,” Oreagba said.

Walking, he said, deflects diabetes, adding: “New research links brisk walking to a significant reduction for developing Type 2 Diabetes. Enjoy a healthier life with sound brain. No matter where you live, there is a place you can trek to experience the benefits of walking, and 150 minutes of moderate-intensity walking a week can help manage the stress and prevent heart disease.

It can also get one off medications because researchers found that those who walked regularly were more likely to use less medication”.


Ask Your Imam: How to stop bad dream

As-salamu alaikum. What is the implication of bad dreams at night? If one persistently dream of something bad, what does it mean, what is the interpretation of the above dream and how can it be stopped?


Wa alaykum salam. Just try to forget, disregard it, and not talk about any nightmares to other people, even if it is a bad dream. This is the way we have been taught by prophet Muhammad (s.a.w). What you can do is to seek refuge in Allah from Satan, and ask Him to keep Satan away from your heart, and God willing, you will again become calm and peaceful.

The prophet said, ‘’ A good dream is from God. So if any of you have a dream of what you love, do not speak of it except to someone you love. And if any of you has a dream of what you dislike, then seek refuge in Allah from its evil, and from the evil of obsession; and spit out thrice, say two Rakaat prayers and do not tell anyone of it, for in fact it will not harm you’’.

Endeavour to always perform ablution before going to bed and recite the last three chapters of the Quran three times before sleeping. Insha Allah, you will not have bad.

As for interpretation of dreams, I am not a dream interpreter. You should also know that this issue is certainly one of hidden secrets known only to Almighty Allah, the Knower of the Unseen. So all that is written or said of the interpretation of dreams is just a matter of personal reasoning and not reliable. This is because this issue is one of the Unseen matters that have something to do with spirits and their interaction with outer worlds.

It is merely based on opinions through which some people issued many books claiming to be authority on dreams interpretion. Although some believe that the interpretation of dreams varies from one person to another but as a Muslim, you dont have to be concerned about it, just pray over any bad dream and move on. And God knows best.









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