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Why I wrote a daily devotional for all Christians -Akinadewo

His Most Eminence, Dr Israel Akinadewo, widely known as Omoeri, is the Baba Aladura of Motailatu Church Cherubim and Seraphim Worldwide (MCCSW). He is also the Secretary, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Lagos chapter.

The forensic accountant speaks on why he wrote “a devotional book”, for all Christians. The first of its kind in the Aladura movement and his ministry. Excerpts:

How did you come about the idea of writing a devotional Daily Contact With God (DCWG)?

 Dr Israel Akinadewo,
Dr Israel Akinadewo,

The inspiration came last year when we were marking the anniversary of the death of the founder of the church. God spoke to me concerning the project and I got the title divinely. I remember I announced in the church at that time, but I just left it at that.

Then few months ago, one of our people that God is using in Diaspora encountered God through some of our publications. She suggested that we should have publications on periodic basis for people to learn from.

She was just God-sent. It opened my eyes to what God already told me to do.

There are already many devotions by denominations. Is DCWG also for members of Motailatu Church Cherubim and Seraphim Worldwide (MCCSW)?

You know Jesus Christ is the head of the church; Christ is not a messiah of some denominations. Christ is the head of all churches. Coincidentally, it is a Cherubim and Seraphim leader that is writing the devotional, but it is not meant for Aladura members alone.

It is meant for all denominations, not even Christians alone. It is for people that want to learn more on how to get closer to God.

There are three features that are unique. These include; Proverb for the day, Psalms for the day as well as thoughts for the day.

Is the devotional strictly on spiritual issues?

The important thing is that, the direction and inspiration come from the Holy Spirit. However, it is not about spiritual things alone, but it covers all spheres of life.

As a matter of fact, we always need more of God. I know there are many devotionals but we need more because the inspiration God has given to individuals is different. There is no devotional or church that has it all. Anything that can lead us into the way of the Lord cannot be enough.

The C and S are known for visions or prophecies. Why are you different?

The word of God says ‘my people perished for lack of knowledge.’ The foundation of the Aladura by late Moses Orimolade is different from what some individuals are doing now.

Meanwhile, the reason for the devotion is to enlighten people the more. Aladura churches tend to focus more on solving people’s problems. Rather, than giving the word of God that would help change their entire life. But, everything has changed.

How long did it take you to write a 365-day devotional?

It is difficult for anybody to research into it because it is an inspired book. Ordinarily, it takes months to write such but with the help of the Holy Spirit, the inspiration comes divinely.

You are also a chartered and forensic accountant, how do you cope?

I’m an introvert and I do not engage myself in social activities. So, it is easy, to make out time for  this aspect of my life. That I am the secretary of Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, makes it easy for me

You are not a full time priest?

One of the problems we have in Aladura movement is that, you see somebody with 10 members, who is a Baba Aladura without any source of income. He expects church members to feed him and take care of his financial needs. We have been able to address this issue and our members now know that, they should be tithe givers and not collectors.

How can someone as young as I am, expect members, to be bringing food to my table? A leader should not expect to be fed but learn to feed people. Jesus fed people even after preaching to them.

God created you to be of assistance to the less-privileged. I have learnt in life that giving is key to achieving successes and greatness in life.

The more you give to people, the more God blesses you. When we get to heaven, it won’t matter whether one is full time or not. God is only interested in how many lives one could impact. t doesn’t stop me from performing and delivering divine mandate.

Is the devotional going to be an annual publication?

Yes by His grace. It is a lifetime project that one will even pass on to the next generation.

Are you sure you have enough materials, time, inspiration and resources to do it?

The word of God is always new and the inspiration will always come. It is different from writing other secular books but when you are writing a devotional book, which is spiritual, it takes the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is always available. It is not about me but about God. As long as one is in Christ, and God liveth, this project will stand.




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