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Being stylish is it showing off?

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By Janet Adetu
Being stylish does not mean you have to break the bank to do so. Being stylish is wearing that thing that makes you look good. It should flatter your body shape and reflect your personality. Of course, you should also feel good in the clothes you wear not because you intend to show off but simply to acknowledge that you are on point with your grooming skills and you are consistent with how to coordinate you appearance with panache.

Style is peculiar to the individual, it may be developed overtime with age, fashion, time and tastes. You may be young and decide to go with longer hair or fuller hair as a man but as you get older you may feel that shorter works better for convenience. In the same light the stage you are in life promotes or demotes your style. I often wonder when young pretty women get married they simply forget about themselves, blow out of proportion and then struggle to get the pounds off when push comes to shove.

Your clothing portfolio should stretch across your personal budget. Don’t be an impromptu buyer and buy for the sake of it. If you do, you will have a wardrobe full of clothes that are almost similar in style, colour and nature or a wardrobe full of clothes you do not really need because one year later you still have not worn it. The best way to get value for your money is to do a quick analysis.
Cost of Outfit
= True value of outfit.
No. of times worn
There is an adage that says “I’ve worn the life out of that shirt” meaning you have gotten the full value for your money so much so it is worn out and due for a change. The truth about being stylish should also flow with the nature of person you are, the nature of your job and the people you associate yourself with.
Remember three things when it comes to being stylish
(a) What do you want
(b) What do you need
(c) What do you have
Always invest in what you really need and not what you really want, with all these in mind why would you be showing off just by being yourself. If you like quality things then go for it. If you like cheap and cheerful work it well. Looking good isn’t luxury. It is something we all have to do and often without having a spend a fortune. Being stylish is involves a huge bout of confidence. never apologize for looking good or stylish, be brave enough to carry it well. Always walk the walk and talk the talk, where you think it matters most. Being stylish will continue to give you that added panache advantage which you need to stand out from the crowd. You will exhibit poise, polish, posture and presence. It is time to Exert yourself, Excel yourself, Expand yourself
7 Style Tips from Board Room to Dinner Room
1. Carry an extra outfit if it is impossible to go back home
2. Change your shoes to a higher heel to assist your gracious walk
3. Remove your jacket if you are wearing one
4. Coordinate your colours to suit the occassion
5. Touch up your make up, add a little shiner for glow at night
6. Reorganize your hair for the occasion
7. Use virtual savvy skills to your advantage: Smile, eye contact and clear voice
1.Wear a jacket to the office and to the dinner
2. Carry a spare shirt and or/ tie to change into in the evenings
3. Don’t forget your extended wardrobe: cufflinks, pocket square etc
4. Leave your briefcase behind when going for dinner
5. Smarten up your hair, moustache and/ or beard
6. Exchange business cards before dinner
7. Engage in small talk and create conversation
What should you wear?
1.What should you wear to launch of your company’s new product?
(a) A Blazer with khaki trousers
(b) A full suit
(c) A shirt without a tie
(a) A full suit
(b)A cocktail dress
(c) A sleeveless blouse with parts
2. What should you wear to a formal chairman’s Dinner?
(a) A full suit without a tie
(b) A full suit and a tie
(c) A black bow tie and Tuxedo
(a) A cocktail dress with flowers
(b) A long gown
(c) A pant suit
3. What should you wear to a cocktail event of an important client?
(a) A bow tie and suit
(b) A beige suit and black shirt
(c) A blazer and black trousers
(a) A little black dress (LBD0
(b) A sleeveless cocktail dress
(c) A gown
Your style is your signature it is not really showing off: Style is eternal fashion comes and goes.

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