By Janet Adetu
Many of us start the journey of professionalism well before the journey of parenthood. In fact there is a school of thought that says that it is wiser to get a job first before you think of getting married, the reasons of course are not farfetched.

Whether you are a matured married professional, a high flying professional about to get married or an upcoming professional in the making that has just gotten married, about to marry or thinking of marriage you will be dealing with the numerous issues of working life, as well as the magnitude of fitting in the responsibility of family life, none of which is an easy ride.

To build and grow in your career there is a standard you need to maintain and a number of high expectations of you that will portray you as a leader. In the same light once you are married and you decide to become a parent deliberately or by chance the real life challenge will surely overwhelm you.

As you embrace being professionally savvy you cannot rule out being a great parent too. You are the ideal role model for your child, and other children around you. There is no better school for the life skills your child will pick up and nurture as they grow, than the one they will learn from you.

Now we cannot rule out the fact that our children will learn new things everywhere they go, the good, bad and the ugly. It is so true as the adage says, it takes a village to teach or bring up a child, but as a parent we are in control of how we mould and mend the early developing years of our children. As you recognize your children on children’s day it is always an opportunity to step up your game and master the skills of parenting etiquette as they are legacies for life for generations to come.

We all know that parenting is a job and a half, which needs no interview or initial basic skills. Mums, Dads, Auntie’s, Uncles, Grandma’s, Grandpa’s, teachers alike have this parenting responsibility. The challenges around parenting come daily and unannounced. Whether you are parenting an infant, a toddler, or a teenager, the experiences are numerous. The important thing is to act with a positive attitude, a frame of mind that is one of teaching, learning, fun and enthusiasm.

The negative attitude of nagging and complaining will only make the experience of parenting unexciting complicated and a total burden to your life. Of course age, exposure and self experiences will determine how we perform as parents.  Your own upbringing, general behaviour and etiquette knowledge impacts how much knowledge to disseminate to your children. This is the epitome of how your child will grow up and develop in life.

What is your role as a parent?

I have included a general list of what I call a basic idea of what is expected of you as a parent. As a parent you are expected to:

” Impact good values

” Inculcate and leave a good legacy

” Teach life expectancies

” Acknowledge life’s challenges and tasks

” Emphasize responsibility and good judgement

” Show love and respect

” Determine acceptable virtues and belief systems

” Aspire for greatness and success

” Show leadership traits and confidence

“Be a great role model

“Portray good behaviour and impeccable manners

(Remember your child is constantly watching and mirroring you.)

Don’t forget you made that choice to be a parent by accepting your child into the world, giving your child a name and smothering him or her with that initial love. It goes without saying that you cannot parent your child as a toddler forever. Of course the demand of today’s 21st Century requires you to be technically updated almost at par and beyond that of your growing child. The advent of social media is also competing with you when it comes to exposing and teaching your child, be in complete control. The implication is that it has become even more brain tasking and challenging to raise young youths, teens and adolescents. Your life comes in phases, the hardest I would say is being a teenager parent.  Let me introduce my Parenting etiquette tips that you may find useful.

Teach your children how to communicate well by greeting with confidence to all ages alike
Instil important life skills from an early age from normal everyday house shores to the much needed health and hygiene regime
iii. Emphasize the value of money, making, spending and saving your resources

Discover their passion as it evolves and transforms along the line. Optimize where the natural skills playout best, top it with education
Lead by positive example
Good Luck!


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