October 26, 2016


Do you know that a penis is not under conscious control? It’s under the control of a guy’s autonomic nervous system – and that means that sometimes however much he wants an erection to go away, it won’t. Or, of course, however much he wants an erection to happen, it won’t – if that problem lasts more than a week or two, get a medical checkup.


-Smoking can shrink your penis by as much as a centimeter during the course of your life – and will make it much less likely you can get an erection. So for sex’s sake, stop!


Hi,I’m a 65 year old diabetic man suffering from serious weak erection, I got a set of Man Up pill and Gingko tea from you some weeks back and I must confess that my erection is now better despite my age. I learnt from a friend that Libimax plu is also good, do you have Libigrow? Should I continue Man Up or use Libimax plus? Olisa


Hello Olisa, I’m so happy to learn that Man Up really worked for you, I will advise you stick to it cos it works well with your system, Libimax plus is also good for strong erection for diabetics, but ManUp, Boss Rhino Gold with Gingko tea works better for diabetic & cardioparthy patients without any side effect as it is herbal .


I’m a 39 year old circumcised woman who never experience orgasm unless Iget seriousforeplay from my partner. I was told that rabbit vibrator could do the job of stimulating me to orgasm, cos it’s not every time that he’s ready for foreplay and I really want to enjoy having sex with him, pls kindly advise me- Bridget


Dear Bridget, it is true in most cases of circumcised women that they find it difficult not only to reach orgasm but also to get in  the mood for intercourse. Rabbit vibrator Like  ultimate Rabbit, Pearl dolphin and remote control dazzling dolphin can help stimulate the gspot at the upper part at the entrance of vagina. For women who aren’t circumcised, Tingle gel, 69 lick me , Mood arousal gel to mention a few of the arousal gel should be used alongside Germany sex drops to help stimulate a woman.


I have a very serious case of premature ejaculation which is very embarrassing. Hardly can I penetrate for 4 minutes before ejaculating and to go for second round is not even possible pls kindly help me; I heard about limitless pill, how does it work- Chidi


Like I use to say , premature ejaculation arises from so many causes like stress, alcoholism, smoking to mention but a few; check the nature of your work and if it’s a bit tasking, I’ll advise you try to relax before having sex with your partner and also herbal supplement like Limitless  Male will help you last long and  it totally corrects premature ejaculation and  also allows you go for more than 2 rounds if you want, so you can go for it and in most cases, the result  start showing from the 2nd week of usage and its 100% herbal and safe without side effect even for men with hypertension and diabetes. Limitless Male is amazing in handling this issue and has to be used for at least 2 months to totally correct.


I would like to order for another bottle of Rhino 5  cos it has really helped me so much so that my erection is stronger and harder and I don’t ejaculate easily like before –Olu


You are welcome anytime to place your order for another pack if you feel you like it’s giving you the positive result you so much desire and thanks for the compliment. Rhino5 is one of our best for strong erection and also enlargement.


I want to enlarge my penis but I would like to know how enlargement occurs and what I can use to make it happen – Chuks


Penis enlargement sure happens and this is how; in the penis we have some empty spaces and also the penile tissues which increases or expands anytime blood flows in during erection especially if you have used enhancement like pills or creams; if this blood is further pumped into the tissues, it enlarges further to hold more blood and that’s when enlargement occurs.


To achieve this purpose, you can use,Penis pump, Extenze plus or Maximus cream to mention but a few. And like I use to say, you have to stay on anyone you are taking for at least three months if you want any good result.


I have little quantity of semen when I ejaculate and sometimes, it doesn’t even come out at all. What can I use to boost and increase the quantity of  semen I have- Chidi


Maca  supreme is one of the amazing product that boost the quantity and even the quality of semen produced.. Most men around the world have testimony regarding Maca Supreme in handling semen production.


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Kemi Fawole (MD)