By Candida
THERE are some experiences you would have laughed at as being ludicrous if they hadn’t happened to you. Michelle, a 30-year-old IT analyst was blissfully in love with her man of two years.

She was more financially well off than he was, but after a year together, Anthony, her beau convinced her he wasn’t a gold-digger. According to her, “Watching him help out at my house, decorating and helping with my cars convinced me that perhaps we did have a future together.

So when he started urging me to start making wedding plans, I was very excited. He was a very handsome man with whom I was sure we would make lovely babies. Then we decided he would stay with me a few days during this last Sallah holiday, so he wouldn’t have to travel forwards and backwards all of the time.

He went to work of course, and in the evenings we would either stay in or eat out. This went on for a few days until the night he didn’t come home when it was 11.00p.m. I was a bit worried – it was unlike him: I called his mobile – it was switched off. I called the special one I gave him and that one kept on ringing. Was he involved in an accident?

I waited another 30 minutes, then called him again on the mobile I gave him. It rang once, then I heard muffled sounds. “Hello,” I called, relieved, “it’s me!” No answer. Just the sound of what seemed like heavy breathing, and a woman was shrieking in the background.

“Next I heard his laughter and what sounded like a radio. Was he in the car with a girl? I guessed his phone must have been in his pocket. As he moved around, he’d accidentally pressed the answer button without realizing it. I could hear the pair kissing, then Anthony said, ‘let me put on the condom’.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I was furious as I phoned his other mobile. I could hear it vibrating somewhere but he just ignored it. I was in shock as I listened to him making love to another woman.

The filthy things they said to each other made my blood boil. Then 1 heard him say goodnight and shut the car door. 1 phoned his other mobile and this time he answered. ‘Hello darling,’ he said smoothly, ‘I’ll soon be home – had to work late in the office because of the holidays’. ‘

You bastard” 1 yelled down the phone, ‘I heard everything, you sex maniac” By the time he came back, I’d already packed his bags. How could I be so wrong about him?

How could he cheat on me after almost breaking his back to prove I was the one for him? He left looking really pathetic but over the next few days, he bombarded me with calls that I ignored. Out of desperation, he went to my best friend who insisted that I owed it to him to give him another chance, or at least listen to what he had to say. So I agreed to see him, determined to tell him to go to hell.

“Only, he looked so contrite that I felt sorry for him. He opened his personal mobile tossed the SIM card into the bin. I felt terribly confused. I still wanted him of course, but in my head, his apologies merged with the sound’ of him bonking another woman in my car. He wore me down in the end and we picked up the pieces of our romance.

He seldom stayed in his flat – he was all the time in my house since we’d agreed he would move in after we got married. Then shortly after the holiday, we were at his place and he was in the bathroom when I decided to do some detective work. I quickly ransacked his bedroom and couldn’t believe it ‘when 1 came across a stack of love letters under his bed – all from different women saying how much they loved and missed him! Was there no end to this man’s faithlessness?

“I said nothing of course, but the next day, 1 told my PA to return the letters to him at his office. He knew he’d burnt his fingers this time, yet he had the nerve to tell me I shouldn’t have been snooping around his personal belongings, that the love letters were from past girlfriends. Who did he think I was, a nitwit? Needless to say, that was the death knell to our so called romance. We’ve had no contacts since then – my wedding dreams now in ruins. Did this man ever love me as I loved him? Or was he just a randy opportunist who sniffed out how well off I was?”



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