By Janet Adetu
Congratulations to  our dear Nation Nigeria  celebrating 56 years of independence. How interesting to see Nigeria evolve as the years have gone by go by so fast.

How patriotic are you? I guess we all have a duty to stand up for our country; good, bad or ugly as they say, east or west home is the best. We all have a responsibility to make our circumstances around us Is better. This may mean thinking out of the box, re-strategizing or remodelling our business, homes, institutions you name it, we all want to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

As much as it is a day of celebration, it is also a day of reflection; on the past one year or years and a quick sneek peek into the future as to where you want to be. Independence Day itself, what does it really mean to you? Is it just another public holiday to get hat well deserved extra sleep you have been praying for, or a time to go out and salute your nation. Either way during challenging economic times like now, it is more of solution finding that will make the nation forge forward.

Can you recite the National Anthem and Pledge?

Unfortunately a lot of our millennial generation can barely hum the national anthem and may know a few words but most times not all perfectly well.  Gone are the days when it was a must to be embedded in you. It is funny most us have mastered the first stanza of the National Anthem but struggle when it continues to the second stanza. It becomes easier just listening to the musical rendition at occasions. What baffles me is how we see more people talking when the national anthem is being played or sang simply failing to stand up attentive when saluting the national flag.

Did you know?

nig-at-56-logoThere is a basic protocol expected on Independence Day as well as whenever the special occasion warrants the honour or respect of the National flag.


  1. Always stand when saluting the National flag
  2. Always stand to recite the national anthem
  3. If you wearing a cap (for men) take it off while reciting
  4. Refrain from eating or drinking when saluting the flag
  5. Have undivided attention when reciting the National Anthem
  6. Avoid talking on top of a musical rendition of the National Anthem or pledge
  7. As a sign of respect you may place your right hand over your heart
  8. When singing or reciting the anthem or pledge ensure you are facing the national flag
  9. Respect and honour the national flag by hanging it the right way up and not misusing it
  10. As much as you can be patriotic on your nations Independence Day

As we celebrate this Independence Day we still have many things to be grateful for. The future of our nation and our growth belongs to us all. With assertiveness, determination and resilience we will surely overcome the current challenge.

Let us use the opportunity to remember the great things that will keep the flag flying: Proud to be a Nigerian:

  • We are a nation strong with traditional family values
  • Our culture nationwide is rich and colourful
  • We are a nation blessed with great talent and skill through acting, singing & dancing
  • We have an explosive fashion industry creative with numerous uique internationally awarded designs and styles
  • We have a vast variety of traditional Nigerian dishes nationwide
  • Our sports talent and skill is fast developing having won several medals over time
  • We are enriched with many languages and dialects
  • We are united in prayers
  • We are surrounded by a large expanse of nature , land and water
  • We are united in prayer
  • We have the strength and will power to overcome challenge and forge forward for success

Let us stand united in building a nation we will always be proud of. Let us put Etiquette to best use to transform our potential.

Wishing you better, brighter and bigger days ahead!



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