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Do what is right always

By Haroon Balogun

Our land is enfeebled by harsh adversities. Farm produce, Okada fares and pure water are listed in dollar terms, producing privations and indignities. Are we born to suffer?

Not at all. Allah gifted to our nation great abundance of riches so that we may never taste misery nor hardship. But our unwise actions issued the conclusion of our present misery.

What do we do now? First, we must heed Allah’s warning that said, “wealth is contentment.” It is never greed, banditry or plunder nor crass outlandish waste of resources without a commensurate plan for any future at all.

“Truth has come and falsehood has vanished.” (Q17:81)

The nation ain’t as rich as we imagined. She’s broke. Those who stole her blind are grinded the most at this time of crunching truth. Let us pray for these great sinners who impoverished hundreds of million peoples, for they have earned mandatory slots in hellfire.

May we all remain steadfast on Allah’s straight path of eternal pleasure in paradise and indeed a righteous and good life in this world.

—Adewale Adeeyo, OON



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