By Janet Adetu
Everyday now more than ever there is always a reason to complain about your journey to work, office, an event etc. If it is not screaming at a public transport driver, or playing the blame game after a slight collision.

Somehow no matter how careful you may claim to be you may just fall victim of a number of the following bad motorist habits. Uncivilized behaviour on the roads is a huge problem that needs to be tackled by the authorities. Some of these behaviours have become habitual, annoying and prone to be the cause of many accidents causing accidents. Here are some of the bad behaviours we see regularly:

Are you an uncivil driver?

Speaking on phone while driving

How many times have you multitasked speaking on your phone whilst driving at the same time all without using an earpiece? Psychologists argue when you’re talking on your cell phone, you’re as likely to cause an accident as when you are drunk. What annoys most is that the other driver is willing to risk your life because of that mere phone call. No matter if it is for just a few seconds you become an uncivil driver each time you do this avoid all distractions.

What should you do:  Ignore your phone while driving, stop to take or receive calls, then proceed.

In spite of the speed limit driving too fast 

Residential estates are becoming more venues for accidents where in spite of the free road accidents continue to occur. Some drivers simply love the freedom of an empty road so tend to speed down it regardless of the speed limit expected in residential areas. Other drivers still speed even when the road is bad filled with potholes and have a slippery surface ideally this should trigger you to slow down.

What should you do:  Be safe always and consider the condition of the road, the environment you are in and observe all speed limits.

Inability to signal before turning or changing lanes or leaving a signal on

Signalling your intentions is one of the most basic facts of courtesy you can engage in.  Some drivers are signalling one direction but end up going the opposite way. Others simply forget to stop indicators even after navigating the said road confusing all other road users. If we can’t predict what other drivers are going to do, we can’t make informed decisions about what we should do, and the result is mayhem.

 What should you do:  Always use your indicators or signals while driving and turn them off after making the change.

Driving with a beaming full light

Driving at night introduces a variety of risks, all related to the fact that our vision becomes limited. The less well you can see, the less well you drive. There are two dangers of being on full light. You blind oncoming motorists and even those driving your way since the lighting can reflect on their side mirrors, hurting their judgement. Too many drivers careless about fellow road users

What should you do:  Ensure your headlights are properly timed and use full lights when necessary, dim to oncoming vehicles.

Eating & Texting while driving

Lunch on the go is a major source of uncivil driving prone to multiple accidents. More so is texting while driving, there are way too many unfortunate incidents occurring when drivers take that one second life changing risk of texting while moving the vehicle. Either way both are extremely bad behaviour habits   that risks the lives of you and many others.

What should you do:  Ensure you refrain from eating and as a must never text while driving

Use of unroad worthy and unserviced vehicles.

Is your car burnt out? Too many cars are patching on our roads today forming ticking time bombs. From the wrecked body to worn out tires, broken headlights, poor wiper blades you name it all risks your life and others’. Some cars produce so much fumes which are not only a health risk to you but also to other road users.

What should you do:  Ensure your car is well maintained and road worthy always.

Occupying two spaces in a parking lot

Bay parking is not so common in Nigeria so the tendency is for drivers to take up two spots instead of aligning well with other parked cars. Sometimes parking can be so tight it is an act of incivility to dominate a large parking space meant for more cars.

What should you do:  Ensure your car is aligned to the well drawn marking lines showing the parking space.

Driving slowly on an overtaking lane

Do you know what lane is the fast or slow one? There is a specified lane for overtaking too are you in the wrong lane?

Too many times drivers meander anyhow on our roads and fail to keep to a dedicated lane even with heavy traffic delays. Some drivers permanently maintain a slow speed while on a fast lane, then forcing others to follow behind them at all costs.

What should you do:  Keep left unless overtaking and on the left, don’t block other drivers, return to the left after overtaking.


Drive Safely Always!!!



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