By Haroon Balogun

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, Nigeria has urged leaders at all levels of governance to shun corrupt tendencies and take appropriate measures to ensure food sufficiency.

The Amir of the group, Dr Mashuud Fashola, a renowned economists, while speaking at a Post-Eid-el-Adha get-together with Muslim Journalists held at its headquarters, Ojokoro, Lagos said agriculture remain the only path to food sufficiency and economic growth.

Dr Fashola  urged Muslims to shun corrupt tendencies, materialism and evil desires, advising leaders to urgently take bold steps towards banishing hunger from Nigeria.

Earkier, it its Eid Adha message signed by Dr. Fashola, the group said: “Let us imbibe the lessons of Abraham’s sacrifice to Allah by shunning corrupt tendencies, selfish and evil desires, and toe the path of righteousness so that the country will be better.

“We congratulate the entire Muslim Community in Nigeria for the 1437 Hijra Eidul Adha celebration. We pray that Allah, The Gracious and Merciful, will accept our humble sacrifices and glorification of His Holy Name and reward us all abundantly and eternally.

“Today most human beings are not prepared to do the right thing or say the truth because of our love for materialism or worldly gains. At home, in the market place, in the offices, at schools, at workshops, and even at places of worship, most of us are dishonest, fraudulent, inconsiderate, and very selfish in our love for wealth and worldly pleasure.

We cannot do away with our reckless immorality and corruption talk less of sacrificing our dearest things for the Pleasure of Allah and submission to His will. Yet we all claim to believe in the legacy of Abraham. We should realize the promise of God to Abraham covers only the faithful and not the unjust or wrong doers.

“It is unpardonable for prices of food to be rising while many are jobless and those who have jobs are being owed salaries or are having their salaries static or reduced. In the management of the economy, all tiers of government and all hands must be on deck to ensure that the poor do not get poorer or the situation of food and nutrition does not get worse for every citizen. And this is quite achievable with appropriate policies and determination irrespective of whatever happens to the fortunes of the economy. This is the least the rulers owed to the people.





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