By Muhammed Adamu
 WOULD not normally have  elevated my personal matter to a subject of discourse, except that in my distraught situation last week, the title ‘My Sickled-cell Anemic daughter’ had inevitably become a last ditch effort, at least to pen down something in the circumstance.

Little did I know that, that piece on the health condition of my daughter, Walida would bring healing to our affliction even from the most medically unorthodox sources: the empathy of diverse hearts, untrammeled by the sentiments of tribe, religion or geography.

The affection of a people concerned primarily about ‘humanity’. We have received –on account of that piece- true and sincere ‘love’; the kind -as the Bible would say- ‘that passeth all understanding!’

The reactions from Nigerians (especially pastors I must confess) via direct calls, text messages, e-mails and my Face book account, have been both humbling and sobering. This love is just too much for one family to handle. I thought that as a discharged and convalescing Walida resumes school today, you should help us share in the love you have generated.


And although it is not possible to publish all your comments, I have managed to select most of the ones that came as texts believing that those from my Face book account are already at the public domain. All the same none is any the less appreciated. The love you measured for my daughter, Walida, in like measure it shall be measured unto you.  

What touches thee touches us all


Dear Mohammed, most times I don’t agree with you on your political views because I find it somehow irritating due to your bias for this government. But this issue of your sick daughter is so touching. May the good God heal your daughter and may this pain be taken out of her and your family. God please hear my prayer. Amen.


My brother, compliments. I just finished reading your piece. So so touched. I pray that the Almighty God will avail Walida His divine healing and health. It is well my brother. God bless.


Good morning Mr. Adamu, just read your article in today’s Vanguard and I must confess I’m really touched. Too much stress for a girl of her age. I pray God heals her and quickly too. Regards to her and everybody. Olamide,Lagos.


Your article in today’s Vanguard is so touching. Your beautiful daughter will live to fulfill her life’s destiny by the special grace of God who knows the beginning from the end. Amen.


Mr. Adamu, I just read the touching story of your daughter Walida’s health. It is so so touching and I can imagine how traumatic this has been for you and your family. But dear brother, don’t lose hope. I believe she will not die. I was immediately moved to pray for her even before I finished reading the story.


Just read your piece ‘My Sickled-cell anemic daughter’. Quite touching, we are all in it together. Allah ya ba Walida lafiya, amin Abubakar Sani (UNISOK).

 We’re in tears


Dear Mohammed Adamu, I have just finished reading your write up on your beautiful daughter Walida. I very much understand the pains she and the whole family are passing through now. In fact, I was in tears and I prayed to God for healing for her. She and all will be in my thoughts and prayer. Walida will live to testify God’s power and goodness IJN.


Good morning Mohammed, such a painful experience and I am crying. May God almighty see Walida through. Take heart great father.

 Be strong for Walida


Good evening Mr. Mohammed. I am Chinwendu from Abakaliki. Just read about Walida’s health challenge. It’s really so sad. My heart is so heavy. Please let’s all be strong for her. I am praying for her. By God’s grace she will be fine and out of the hospital. Chinwendu, Abakaliki


One of the saddest articles I have ever read. Please remain strong for your beautiful daughter. -Musa Omosun.

Keep hope alive


Mohammed my bros, fear not. It is well with your daughter, amen. Ochereome Nnanna.


I have just finished reading your write up ‘My Sickled-cell Anemic daughter’. I am particularly touched by your plea “Help me say a prayer for her”. I have finished praying for her. I pray for good health for her and for God to make her well. I believe in miracle. Mohammed do not lose hope. Solomon Sonola, Lagos.

 Faith healeth all


Dear Mohammed I read your story in today’s Vanguard as always and even though I don’t always share your viewpoint, today is different. I share your pains.  I have a niece who is a sickle cell patient and the crisis occurs periodically. I know what my brother and family go through during those trying times. Anybody not familiar with the disease will not know what that angelic face in Vanguard went through. It is a pity this great country has no permanent cure for this debilitating disease, thereby subjecting innocent children and citizens to unwarranted pains and anguish. Please have faith in God that Walida will pull through and grow into a very beautiful lady. May God be with you and your family. -Augustine Obiabunmo, Enugu.


Good afternoon good friend. I am Chris. I have heard of Jesus changing SS to AA. I advice you give it a little trial of faith. Especially when there is no medical solution. Divine providence must have brought us together online. God will showcase his all sufficient favour on Walida I am certain. -Chris.


Mohammed Adamu I admire your write ups in Vanguard but I become weak about your experience on having an angel with health challenges. Have faith and confidence Almighty God will see you and your family through. Some great people are anemic. They survived. Walida is one of them. Take heart. Please Walida, get up from your sick bed, the whole world is waiting for you.

+2348037298752 H

Hello Mohammed, what you need is FAITH, do you have any? So long you believe in the HEALING POWER in the BLOOD OF JESUS , that same BLOOD of JESUS will be transfused into the blood stream and the bone marrow of your lovely daughter Walida. Just lay your hand on your daughter and pronounce healing on her by commanding the demons responsible for the crisis to loose their grip on her and sentence the demons into the hot desert in the POWERFUL HEALING NAME of JESUS CHRIST. You will come back with testimonies. Just believe. I will join my faith with yours this night and pray for Walida’s healing. God bless you and Walida and all the members of your family. Sola Ewuola.


All creations come from God. Also healing. Be calm, you will have grand and great children through Walida. Believe and see it come to pass. Be calm, Allah is with her.


Mohammed, Walida will overcome this predicament. Faith is very key and important here. She is too precious and sweet. A carbon copy of your boyish looks. Walida, God is your strength. You will surely get well. Please think of your dad and mom. Quick recovery my little angel. Ekpe Chico Ufuoma, Warri/Delta State. I want good news.

 We’ll pray Walida


Dear Mohammed, I am Ibo, Christian and a father. Your write up on Walida is heartrending. Be rest assured me and my family will pray for your family; especially Walida. Emeka Nnolim.


Dear Mohammed I just read a touching article about your daughter Walida. I am so glad she recovered from her crisis. We will all pray for her to live a happy and long life. I have a brother, a medical doctor who is also with sickle cell anemia. He is 56 with a lovely wife and daughter. Even with all the pain which only those with sickle cell can fully appreciate, and the recurring crises and absences from school and work, life can be full and worth every day with God’s blessings and care. Your love for Walida is evident in your writing and will sustain her and the entire family in good and painful times. Do send our love to Walida. She definitely is someone I will love to meet someday. God bless you, your wife and kids for the love that you share. Best wishes, Ifueko M Omoigui Okauru.


Hello Mohammed, I read your piece few minutes ago and I will not cease in praying for her. God will see her through. Be encouraged.


Good evening Muhammad. Read your article on your daughter Walida. Just to let you know I am in prayers for you, cause I had two children who passed on. There is hope for them now through BMT (bone marrow transplant) and there has been more successful stories to tell it is worth doing. I shall send you sights to Google through your email. Remain blessed and be hopeful.

 God will heal Walida


You tried very hard to be strong in your write up about Walida. May God himself carry you and your family in his hands at this very painful period. May God heal you all.


I read your write-up on your sickle cell anemic daughter. Please use part of an orange, with the yoke of an egg; mix them together with one desert-spoon of pure honey. Give her to drink at once –at least 2 to 3 times a week for two months. She will be great always. God please bless and heal Walida, by the power of the Holy Spirit, IJMN, AMEN.


My dear Mohammed. I have just read your touching Column on your beautiful daughter Walida, who sadly suffers from sickle-cell anemia. To helplessly watch your child writhe in pains is every parent’s nightmare. I share in your pains. God will sustain her. Cheer up.

Comfort Obi.

+2347030586306 -I have read an article on your daughter Walida’s predicament. I sympathize with you because I had a daughter that had epilepsy. I read sometime ago how UBTH, Benin successfully corrected this blood anomaly on a child though they said the cost was reasonably high. Can you try and find out. God save your daughter. Aleogho Gregory, Auchi Polytechnic.

+2347038823673 –May the merciful God heal Walida, and others like her, Amen.


+2348081777456 –Good day. Your article today on sickle cell anaemia is a summary of my story. We share a lot of similarities; my daughter is ten years old just like your daughter. She is sickled-cell anaemic. She is my beloved one. She wants me around always and she bears a striking resemblance with your daughter as appeared in your Column. Walida will not only live long, you will see her own children, as our good lord will preserve them for us. I appreciate your courage. Mine is being strengthened as well. I really want to (know) the cost implication of bone marrow transplantation and is it done in Nigeria? Thanks, -Adebayo O Lagos.

+2348033247253 –Mohammed my complements. You don’t know me I am an avid reader of your Column and a retired Perm Sec in ANS. That is not why I am sending this. My main aim is to encourage you over your daughter Walida. She will make it and overgrow it. God has willed it. I know what you are going through. I have experienced it and in our golf course my caddy is a sickler. He passes through many attacks. Please take heart. God is working. Uche Udedibia.

+2349058522529 -Good evening sir, I have just finished reading your article in the Vanguard Newspaper about your ailing daughter. The almighty Allah will perfect her healing. She will live to fulfill her destiny. I have a son with the same condition. In and out of the hospital. My regards to her Mom and other siblings. Regards from Adenigba Mrs, Ijesatedo, Lagos.

+2348060328291 –It is so sad that you and your family are passing through this pain. But I assure you that you guys are not alone. I have lost six of my cousins to this sickness. Your daughter will grow old. She may be in pain but with your care and love, she is a survivor. She is fighting it already and I assure you that you will watch her grow. My prayers are with your loving Walida.

She is beautiful and will grow out of it miraculously. I encourage you to continue to be brave, strong and prayerful and almighty Allah will be with you and your family. The night might bring pain but joy comes in the morning. It may seem sad that your Sallah celebration was at your daughter’s sick bed but bear this in mind that it was for good. Your presence gave her the strength to fight on. I may be a stranger, but what happened to my lovely six cousins will never happen to your family. Cheer up and give Allah the praise. You will have the last laugh.

+2348038504254 –Adamu, Princess Walida will not die. What a beautiful girl. I am a sickler in my fifties, if I did not die, Princess will not die. I will be in touch A.L. Okafor.

+2348033343283 –As Salaam. Just learnt about Walida’s sickness in your write up. May Almighty Allah give her cure for this travail. Amin.

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