…Alleges UK immigration bandits in covert operations with doctors, nurses

Foremost human rights crusader for Commonwealth people and Chairman of The Commonwealth Liberation Party, TCLP, in the United Kingdom, Professor Alexia Thomas, has alleged that the UK Immigration have connived with doctors and nurses in the country to mentally assassinate her.

Prof. Alexia Thomas
Prof. Alexia Thomas

In a statement by her media office, Professor Thomas disclosed that Dr. Sergei Grachev from Bracton Centre In Dartford and Dr. Sanjid Suleman from Wharton Ward Lewisham Hospital with their team Of Nurses conspired to assassinate her with a Cyanide injection to be secretly administered on her through Haloperidol Injection on the guise that she is mentally unwell and giving the medication with intention to calm her down, it will lead to a convulsion and after 45 minutes, her death will be pronounce as a cardiac arrest.

Thomas, a Behavioral Analyst and Mind Psychologist, said these skills kept her unharmed while held hostage and kidnapped in custody of Dr. Sanjid Suleman.

The Chairman of TCLP, who attained British Citizenship since January 12, 2015, decried that the Criminal Bandits had been on her trail, even as all efforts to seek Justice from the UK Police have failed because the South East Borough Metropolitan Police covering the areas she lived from April 2005 to May 2015 has prejudiced all investigative regiment at destroying her Prospects as an Alien Commission in Demise of Justice.

She alleged that the Officers from Lewisham Police Station, Greenwich Police Station, Catford Police Station, Thamsmead Police station, Plumstead Police Station and Bexleyheath Police Station were bribed and coerced to criminalize.

She said every covert operation till today against her has failed woefully.

The statement read: “Who are Prоѕесutоrѕ, Judgеѕ and Juror going to believe? That’s the tempting question that lеаdѕ down the Rabbit hоlе where Officers end up brazenly and сооllу аbuѕе Citizen or an Inmate and lying аbоut them being the Aѕѕаultеr.

“We аѕ a Society are told, оvеr and over, that thоѕе imрriѕоnеd are the worst оf the worst and саnnоt be trusted, as a result, mаnу in the Public don’t саrе what hарреnѕ to inmates or feel thеу deserve whatever thеу got and for оthеrѕ, the jails are simply an instance оf out оf sight, out оf mind. Despite our long-term Sосiеtаl addiction to inсаrсеrаtiоn, relatively few оf us will еvеr ѕее the inside of a jail, and fewer still will think very long about what happens there.

“About 60,000 complaints are filed еасh уеаr by People alleging Pоliсе brutality, but few Cаѕеѕ end up in Court. The Pоliсе get еvеn more arrogant by the dау in their impunity. The tоughnеѕѕ with which the Pоliсе сrасkеd down on the Opposition rallies еаrliеr this уеаr сlеаrlу indicated to Law Enfоrсеmеnt that the violation оf Human Right mау go unpunished. Thousands оf оthеr viоlеnt crimes соmmittеd by the Police never rеасh соurtѕ at all and thоuѕаndѕ more remain unrероrtеd by Victims who are ѕсаrеd to соmрlаin.


“Professor Alexia Thomas Assassination Attempt Foiled, Bracton Centre Staff And Lewisham Hospital Staff In A Conspiracy, Mental Health Allegation Foiled Conspirators Identified, The Hostage Taking of Prof. Thomas At The Lewisham Hospital, Plot To Eliminate Her With Cyanide Injection, By Dr. Grachev Criminal Motives And Hate Crime Attributed, Doctors And Nurses Caught In The Act, Fixated Threat A Criminal Syndicate Gang, Covert Operation And Assassination Plot 80% Ethnic Minorities Participation, Lewisham Mental Hospital The Assassins Hide Out.

“Dr. Sergei Grachev from Bracton Centre In Dartford And Dr. Sanjid Suleman from Wharton Ward Lewisham Hospital with their team Of Nurses Conspired In An Assassination Attempt On My Life as it backfired because I uncovered the investigation and conspiracy and for the first time there is now enough evidence to proceed for a Criminal prosecution. Dr. Sergei Grachev and his Criminal Syndicate Gangs calling themselves Fixated Threat Service planned to assassinate her with Cyanide injection to be secretly administered on her through Haloperidol Injection that she is mentally unwell and giving the medication with intention to calm her down and it will lead to a convulsion and after 45 minutes her death will be pronounce as a Cardiac Arrest.

“Dr. Sergei Grachev per took in a Criminal Plot to assassinate her while she was held hostage at the Lewisham Hospital in a conspiracy Plot to kidnap her to a Medium Secure Psychiatrist Unit in a covert operation with UK Immigration Mercenaries acting as Bounty Hunter and bandit in a deceit Diplomacy coerced the Lewisham Hospital Staff at Ladywell Unit in an array of incitation of Hate Crime which was foiled because she identified her Captors.

“Prof. Alexia Thomas is a Behavioral Analyst and a Mind Psychologist and these skills kept unharmed while held hostage and kidnapped in custody of Dr. Sanjid Suleman, their motives to kill her failed because she had been a British Citizen on the 12th January 2015.

“The Criminal Bandits had been on her trail, and all effort to seek Justice from the UK Police failed because the South East Borough Metropolitan Police covering the areas she lived from April 2005 to May 2015 has prejudiced all investigative regiment at destroying her Prospects as an Alien Commission in Demise of Justice. The Officers from Lewisham Police Station, Greenwich Police Station, Catford Police Station, Thamsmead Police station, Plumstead Police Station and Bexleyheath Police Station were Bribed and Coarse to Criminalized her as every Covert Operations till today against prof. Thomas failed.

“The Immigration Bandits with the aid of Plumstead Police Officers executed Covert operations that saw Prof. Thomas separated from her Children since September 2008 and they powered daughter Teacher Joanna Lam a Jamaican to move into her House 43 Ridge Close, Thamsmead, London, SE28 0HT, a House she bought in November 2007 for £250,000.00 and had only lived in it for 5 months instead she got thrown out on the Street, made Homeless all to deny her Motherhood. This Xenophobia attack did not stop Prof. Alexia Thomas quest for Justice for the People of Commonwealth. The ferocious atrocities of Immigration Bandits made her more determined to be a Victor.

“The Plumstead Police in a Covert Operation with Immigration Bandits maliciously indict her on the 15th August 2008 on Charges of Assault that she attacked her Ex-husband and two Children (Cara Ikwue now 12 years and Martha Ikwue now 10 years). Professor Alexia Thomas restrained by the Police not to have contact with her Children and denied access to her Home for 9 Months. She was found not guilty on the 3rd June 2009 at the Woolwich Magistrates Court. This evidence is confirmed by Mr. Christopher Crowley Police Staff Investigator at Norbury Police Station in his letter signed on Police Letter Headed dated 4th June 2009 – Reference PC/1415/09.

“The Court ordered Prof. Thomas return to her Home to care for her Children after being separated from her Children for 9 months due to the false charges brought against her by Plumstead Police, instead Plumstead Police refused to enforce the Judge’s Order, rather aided her Ex-husband to obtain a Non-Molestation Order to separate her from her Home till this very minute, it has been over 8 Years she has still not gained access to her Home or seen her children.

“Miss Joanne Lamb a Jamaican, took residence of her Home since August 2008 lives in Prof. Thomas Home till date 2016, purporting to the Public that Prof. Alexia Thomas is in a Mental Hospital and she is the Children’s Mother, surprisingly the Immigration Bandits got the Plumstead Police to register on their Database in October 2008, that Prof. Thomas Four Daughters, Sharon, Cara, Martha and Nicky has no Mother that she cannot be located.

“Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas is no ordinary Black Woman, the Pains and Sufferings of our Royal Mother Professor Thomas will reshape a New British Society as she has suffered for us the People of Commonwealth to suffer no more. In her Words She Quotes: ‘ I Am Afflicted By God For The Transgression Of Man, So Do Not Cry For Me, No One Can Help Me, I Am The Only One To Help Myself.’

“This is the reason why in May 2015, Prof. Alexia Thomas relocated to Trafalgar Square 5 mins away from Parliament Square in the Westminster Borough to live amidst the Elites and having to pay House rent of £8500.00 a Month, the only reason she is still alive today because she is protected in the Rich suburb environment amidst Diplomatic Commissions. Even when she was declared as most Wanted on the 19th July, it was a Stunt carried out by Immigration Bandits who knew she lives in the Post Code Catchment of WC2N, but they chose to deceive the Public that she is residence in Camden Borough, a decoy that she is poor, when they know she has grew from grass to grace as the Leader of The Commonwealth Liberation Party.


“On the 29th of January 2015, Professor Alexia Thomas escorted a Party Member to Reading Magistrates Court, on arrival at Court Room One, she was told by Ms. Elizabeth Gallacher that they had been informed that the Nationality Deeds they had come to court with to sign are fake.

“Prof. Thomas questioned the source of allegation and she was given a number to call and when she did, it turned out to be Ministry of Justice and she introduced herself requesting to know the Source that alleged her Party Deeds to be fake.

“The Ministry of Justice receptionist Ms. Sophia confirmed the allegation was not true that there was no such alert from the Ministry of Justice and told Prof. Thomas goes back to the Court to clarify the issues, it turned out that the Email alleging the Party Deeds to be fake itself is a Bogus Email and the lady at the Court Reception went away for 30 Minutes to verify the authenticity of the Deed and after five hours that the Court realized they had errored their Judgement instead of saying they are sorry for the false accusation, they called the Reading Police, alleging that the Party Member, Mr. Joshua Osadiamen of having a different name which had not matched what they have on their System.

“Prof. Alexia Thomas was unlawfully arrested with a Party Member at the Reading Magistrates Court with no reason to justify the arrest as the Police hinged their action that the Party Member is an illegal immigrant and booked Prof. Thomas in custody with the allegation of accompanying an illegal immigrant to obtain Citizenship by Fraud but certainly not true as the Party Member, Mr. Joshua Osadiamen had changed his name, but the Police spontaneous lack of proper clarity to request identity documents from Mr. Joshua, led to the abuse on Prof. Thomas.

She was unlawfully detained for 40 hours, she refused to be fingerprinted and refused to grant a Tape-Recorded interview for the reason that no Criminal offence was committed because the Police are not legally qualified and the motive to record an interview is evidence of intention to charge the Case to Court.

“The Police Action was a distraction as they unknowingly were aiding and abetting Immigration Bandits to stop her Party Motive to Empower Commonwealth Citizens with her Nationality Scheme a Liberal Movement to remove the Hinges of Oppression against their Rights as a Sovereign People.


“The Police de-arrested Prof. Thomas as she proved her Superiority as a Party Leader the Officers are subject to her Protocol. The Police told her she was unpopular but she told them great Minds do not seek Publicity or attention instead their Works speaks for them.

“The Reading Police Custody officers called the Psychiatrist Doctors on her and they affirmed that there were concerns from the Lewisham Hospital about her Mental Health based on Bracton Prison Hospital Report and that was the only reason she was released to the care of Lewisham Hospital on Saturday the 31/01/2015.

“Professor Alexia Thomas was held captive in Wharton Ward, Ladywell Unit, Lewisham Hospital, she kept reminding them holding her Hostage in their Custody is like locking up a Detective amongst Criminals definitely they will all be busted, but they laughed unknown to them their under World of the Psychiatrist Doctors slaughtering the welling being of their Patients will come to an end.”

The statement added: “No time was Prof. Alexia Thomas detained up to 3 years in a Mental Hospital as stipulated on the reasons while she was Sectioned, (ii) No time was the Contact Information regarding Nearest Relative was requested by the Doctors who sectioned her, (iii) The Claim she is the Head of the Independent Diplomat Commission is correct, (iv) The allegation of grandiosity never arise as her refusal to Cooperate with the Reading Police Station for unlawful detention for 40 Hours is the reason of her being prejudice in a Covert operation she is Mentally unwell.


“How did Dr. Sergei Grachev succeed to penetrate the Lewisham NHS and smuggled his Nursing Staff Miss. Funmi on the 5/02/2015 to work in a Ward where it is assumed Patients safety are paramount?

“But instead, the Patient Trust was breached, so Prof. Thomas’ life was endangered while on admission at Triage Ward, Ladywell Unit.

Ms. Funmi gained false employment in a 3 Days Covert Operation, she spied on Prof. Thomas who recognized her because she was one of the Nurses used by Mr. Grachev to abuse her when she was detained in his care as a Prisoner for 18 months.

“Dr. Sergei Grachev came to the Lewisham Hospital on the 23/02/2015 to apprehend Prof. Thomas with a Male Nurse, Mr. Tola brought him straight to her without asking if she wanted to see him.

“Prof. Alexia Thomas was position as a prey for Dr. Sergei, but his plan failed when he showed up with two Doctors who accompanied, so Prof. Thomas confronted him about their unfinished business and her readiness to face him in the Criminal Court.

“Dr. Grachev sent a Nigerian Nurse to spy and extract information about Prof. Thomas while detained at Ladywell Unit in Lewisham because they were not sure how she could have resonated after being locked up for 18 months in a Psychiatric Hospital injected with all manners of Psychiatric Chemicals that failed to destroy her Strength and Agility to stop her Liberation Struggle of Commonwealth Peoples Freedom.
The Question remains, How did Lewisham Hospital became Part of a Conspiracy? and Why the Bracton Hospital Management Mr. Grachev’s Employer allowed him stalk Prof. Thomas?

“The actions of Dr. Grachev is evidence he is a Psychopath and Lunatic, therefore upholding the Ethics of Justice, he should be stripped of his Practising Certificate, for this reason he will be addressed for purpose of Sanity as Mr. Sergei Grachev is not worthy of being called a Doctor.

“Miss. Funmi sent to work as under Cover Agent Nurse in Lewisham Hospital pretended to be a Staff and had access to Prof. Thomas, had access to the Lewisham Hospital Computer and also had access to Patients food in an attempt to assassinate Prof. Thomas. She was held hostage against her Will, she informed the Hospital even if they let her Out, it is too late as a Crime has been committed and the investigation and Trial and Criminal Prosecution will go on.

“Prof. Thomas advised the Doctors issues of her detention in the Hospital was not a Clinical matter, but hostage and hence they have shown incompetence and lacked of Capacity, for this reason an Independent Consultant Clinical Practicing Psychiatrist Prof. Steven Hirsh was instructed and he finalized the Clinical dispute which led to her being Sectioned.


“I examined Prof. Thomas at her request as an Independent Second Opinion, she is known to me regarding her previous report that I made in July 2014 after a 3 hours Medical Examination. I recognize that she has unusual beliefs and runs an organization which is now a Political Party which has as it aims to gain equal political status and rights in this country (UK) for African People which are equivalent to those of Europeans.

“Her Party makes a charge for information they provide to members. It is my Opinion she does not suffer from a Delusional Disorder. During her 15 days here, the Nursing staff tells me she has been calm and cooperative and does not present a risk to herself and others. There have never been signs that this was the Case. The ward has my previous report. I have examined her past history and mental state in great details.

“The Patient tells me that Dr. Suleman, her consultant has taken a great interest in her financial affairs. Dr. Sulemann was unwilling to discuss the Case with me, but he spoke several times to his junior doctors while I was present. I also informed the Ward two days ago of my wish to speak to him and I advised the ward today. I spoke to Ms. Carol Blackman, Secretary to the Chief Executive, Mathew Patrick and explained my wish to speak to Dr. Suleman earlier this afternoon, advised them that I would be coming in the late afternoon, and spoke to the ward staff this morning. I also spoke to the Ward Staff, Sunday and Monday so he had plenty of opportunity to speak to me; failing to do so is prejudicial to the Patient’s interest as she has been detained for two weeks without, in my opinion, medical justification.

“Their working diagnosis is a chronic delusional disorder. In the current circumstances, when she presents no risk to others, the diagnosis is not a justification to detain her on Section 2. I was told Professor Thomas presents a financial risk to others. That is a matter for the Police and not a justification for detention under the mental health act.

“My recommendation is that she is released from Section 2, forthwith and allowed to leave the Hospital under the care of her husband, who has requested this.

“I am told she would be reviewed Thursday. That represents an unacceptable delay. I asked to see the medical notes, which is routine for the second opinion. The SHO told me that he wanted to remove something from the notes before I see them. This is unacceptable. This is my Opinion Steven Hirsch FRCP, FRCPsych, Professor Emeritus, Imperial College London, GMC No: 0359144.”


The statement stated that “Professor Alexia Thomas was assaulted by Dr. Mathew Nour and his Nurse Tola a Nigerian Male who also has been very angry with her because their Covert Assassination attempt on her failed.

“He was so bold that he brought Mr. Sergei Grachev to her in the Ward on the 23/02/2015 in the afternoon as he was the one being used to intimidate her.

“Mr. John Barnet verbally assaulted Prof. Thomas physically and coerce others into incitation of Hate Crimes against her and stalking her in the World. Mr. Grachev had the authority to come face to face with her trying to control her by intimidation and She saw Mr. John Barnett giving Bulk of Papers to Mr. Sergei Grachev which became evidential he is also part of the conspirators.

“Mr. Tola in Wharton Ward abused her in the morning of the 23/02/2015 when he pushed her to the floor in an attempt to take blood from her by Force while Dr. Mathew Nour tried to restrain her to get her Urine or Blood, so they held both of Prof. Thomas hands and another two Male Nurses held her hands tight denying blood flow to her vain, and she was unable to feel her both arms this abuse is very consistent in the Psychiatrist Kokum World, they have always escaped abusing Patients undetected.

“Mr. Sergei Grachev had too much confident and he actually attended the Lewisham Hospital leaving his Bracton Hospital work place in Dartford to meet with her uninvited and this evidence is what Professor Alexia Thomas has much anticipated to prove to the World it is a Conspiracy plot to eliminate her. The Immigration Bandits with Dr. Grachev conspired to assassinate Prof. Thomas for reasons that she demanded to know the Death Tolls of Commonwealth Victims killed in UK Border Agency Facilities in the United Kingdom.

“No one actually could have believed the NHS Doctors can actually abuse the trust of the Law of the Mental Health Act to terrorize People because the Law makers are never Victims of the Law mostly Retarded Patients with no Voice.


“On this reason she has created Mental Health Justice Commission an Agency of The Commonwealth Liberation Party to see that (i) Psychiatrist Cases from 1965 to 2018 will be reopened, (ii) Patients Death thoroughly investigated, (iii) Independent Doctors to Audit Doctors files, (iv) Doctors brought to the Criminal Court to face justice as the Act can no longer protect the Doctors and Nurses to hide their atrocities (v) The abolishment of the Mental Health Act, (vi) Abolishment of the Mental Health Tribunal but instead replace it with the Mental Health Criminal Court for Justice Correction and Doctors and their Nurses insanity put in control.

“No man has the Power to Section another Man as it is an abuse of the Law of Magna Carta so also No Man has the right to deny another Man his Free Will Liberty to be Free – By Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas


“Fixated Threat Service and Prof. Thomas Political Party recognizes them as Klu Klux Klan Gangs because they are part of Immigration Bandits.
Fixated Threat Services keeps hacking into the NHS Database in deception they are working for Dignitaries and Politicians, the truth is that they are a Criminal Syndicate Assassin Groups set up to exterminate Political Opposition in a decoy they coerce the NHS Doctors who unknowingly aid and abet them to carry out their illicit atrocities of silent elimination of feared opposition who oppose the gangs’ activities

“Fixated Threat Service must be shut down and then Police needs to crack their Criminal World as they equally need to face justice. Mr. Sergei Grachev and in alliance with Fixated Threat Service their actions makes them Criminals, Liars and Impersonators with motives to destroy those who initiate a change.

“Prof. Thomas was indicted and convicted for an Offence of providing Immigration service when not qualified to, no one goes to Prison for that but the Southwark Crown Court took up a Private Prosecutor Case and the Court Clerks misled the Judge to find her Guilty over an Offence that does not demand Prison Term. She was never arrested by the Police nor committed an Offence against the State.

“Prof. Thomas given 18 months Custodian Sentence, she spent 5 Months in Holloway Prison and left voluntarily to a Prison Hospital unknown to her it was a Covert Name, she had been misled by the Holloway Prison Staff to be moved to a Prison Psychiatric Hospital. She appealed her Sentence which was successfully squashed on her Appeal hearing of the 21/12/2010, and allowed to go Home hence in Psychiatric Hospital serving an unjust Prison Term under the Care of Mr. Sergei Grachev, he denied her Freedom because she was under Section, Mr. Grachev convinced the Court in a malicious report to have Prof. Thomas placed on Section 37 which is 6 months further admission in a Psychiatric Hospital, truth was that Mr. Grachev was in connivance with UK Immigration Bandits to kill her with Psychiatric Drugs.

“He had kept injecting Prof. Thomas for 18 Months against her will, tranquilizing her with Psychiatric Drugs to destroy her reasoning and Metabolisms, until she finally had a chance to discharge herself as a Prisoner whose Prison term was served already and as a Victim who Court ordered her detention for 6 Months as illegal.

“Again, because the UK Government pay £500.00 a night for a Hospital Bed, evidence that United Kingdom Law makers have gone Mad. One wonders how many Coloured Humans like Professor Alexia Thomas in Britain have stood for Justice, but got eliminated by the Mental Health Act to stop their quest for the Common Man’s Justice.

“This Case is simply about the Mental Health Act Law Legislation giving powers to Doctors to unlawfully lock Patients who are victim in technical term, locking the Patients in a confinement against their will and false medicating them in the name of the Act.

The thin line is when does a section become an abuse and the Case is simply not a Clinical matter but an abuse of the legislation an Alien and Sham Law giving Doctors to decide a Man’s freedom based on their clinical judgement.

“Prof. Thomas made series of complaints against Mr. Grachev in December 2010 and January 2011 but no one believed her since she was still under his Care, because the Mental Health Act denied her the Public Trust that she had the Capacity.

“The Bracton Trust was notified of Mr. Grachev’s atrocities but they allowed him escape the radar unchecked. In December 2010 and January 2011, Prof. Thomas did a Behavioral Analytical Report on a Russian Criminal Doctor who calls himself Dr. Sergei Grachev, she alleges he is a Criminal who absconded from the Russian Justice System but undetected and working as a Doctor in the Bracton Hospital, Dartford for more than 10 Years.

“Mr. Grachev is an abuser of the Mental Health Act and evidence observed while she was his prey when false charges were brought against her led to her false imprisonment for 18 months.

“Prof. Thomas witnessed Dr. Sergei harmed his Victims, but because the Mental Health Act is a Sham Law, the investigation was covered up.

“The Game is up and assassination attempt foiled and sooner than later Culprits named in the Statement will face the gallows of Justice with their Conspirators and Sponsors and Informants in the Criminal Court,” the statement read.


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