By Janet Adetu

We have now officially entered the raining season after so much extraordinary heat. At the time the heat was so unbearable that we yearned for the rain; just to cool down the atmosphere and heat wave. Today the rain has come with a vengeance, so unpredictable at times causing havoc. One good thing about the rain for me though is seeing my beautiful orchid’s blossom as they receive the rain with love – this is my special hobby of collecting a rare species of flowers that thrive in only charcoal.

Most times you are able to tell when it will rain so that you can go out prepared for the weather. At times the weather forecast is not always to be relied upon; we have seen many a times when it is nice and sunny in the morning, it then starts drizzling in the afternoon and depending on where you are, you might just see a thunder storm or even hail stones. As much as we see the changing unpredictable weather, should it be the practice that we carry an umbrella everywhere we go?

Well it is a smart move today to have an umbrella in your office, your vehicle and depending on the weather also your bag. In some countries umbrellas are like gold because it rains constantly. It is funny as we all go about on daily lives suddenly it pours down with rain, we start running helter shelter looking for an umbrella at all cost.

How many times have seen people enter a shop or an office after coming in from the pouring rain, just to leave their umbrella at the entrance? Of course the umbrella develops legs and vanishes by the time you come out. Umbrellas are assets but can be a nuisance at the same time when you have to carry them around. It is not surprising that many umbrellas are reported lost and found everywhere you go after a rainfall as nobody likes the additional burden of carrying it around.

As simple as it may sound umbrellas as cheap as they are can cost you – I remember going for an important meeting and from nowhere the rain came down like thunder and lightning, unfortunately as I arrived my destination I asked my driver to bring out the umbrella. To my utmost surprise we discovered that he forgot to place an umbrella in the car. I had no other choice but to sit and wait for the rain to die down a period of 45minutes. It cost me my time, my appointment and host of other important things that day.

It is a good place to state here that umbrellas are assets not just for the rain but also during extreme sunny conditions, or when you are protecting for health reasons. We see umbrellas in hotels by the poolside, at the beach in an outside café or external restaurant. Umbrellas really are a temporary measure for the moment, nobody likes to be beaten come rain, come shine.  With umbrellas you can go cheap and cheerful and constantly buy a new one each time as they will spoil in no time. Otherwise I have seen very expensive umbrellas of high quality come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and fabrics; both the collapsible and long handled. If you know how to look after umbrellas it is wiser not to be pennywise and pounds foolish as the saying goes.

Umbrella Quick Tips

  1. Keep an umbrella around for contingency no matter the weather
  2. Keep a minimum of a short and long umbrella in your car

iii.     Keep used  paper and nylon in your car boot during raining season

  1. Ensure all the tines are in good condition and non are dangerously poking out.
  2. Use a branded umbrella to market your services.
  3. Go by your instincts carry an umbrella when you feel it may rain

vii.    During all travels social and business add an umbrella in your suitcase

viii.   Remember your umbrella wherever you take it

  1. Fold your umbrella back properly after use, if not it will easily get destroyed
  2. The first assignment of your umbrella is to protect you – use it wisely

Watch out for more strategic guidelines on using an umbrella!



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